♥ I didn’t take any English Exam because I’m too afraid I’m might get failed.

Hi Kim!!
It’s nice knowing some people having concern in building up dreams and success of one’s life. Though we don’t know each other physically but still the inner connection is there. so blessed to have you as one of my angel in reaching those dreams. All is well Kim, still overwhelmed with the recent blessings I got from Him and that’s passing the RPN exam, God works really in a very mysterious way.He knows my passion ever since, helping the needy that needs medical attention. However Kim, still can’t do registration because I still have outstanding requirements to comply on which are the language proficiency in English and having Permanent residency.i came to Canada under live in caregiver program and working already for 20 months,patiently waiting for another four more months so I can apply already my open permit along with the permanent residency. Thank you Lord!🙏. By the way Kim, still I didn’t take any English Exam because I’m too afraid I’m might get failed. I know in myself that it’s one of my Waterloo,but,deeply in my heart it’s not yet too late for everything. I’m willing and very much interested to learn whatever it takes along the way. I’m trying to browse every site as much as I can that will surely help me and will not cost me at all and this is it,I found you!!😇. thank you in advance Kim for spending time with me. May God bless you abundantly!–S

6Dear S,
I love getting emails like this! The connection is built when you reach out in trust. God guides you because you trust Him, and follow the path He leads you upon. It is because of your heart that He blesses you, so. There are many Internationally Educated Nurses out there, but the ones who make a difference are the ones that are naturally caring people, and who are healers as a result. It is these nurses, that I have found, He supports the most. Because it is through their hands that He can do His work.
But I am curious. How did you come to feel such a connection with me, and confidence with me, if we have not met physically, and our paths did not directly cross until you sent me your e-mail? How did He touch your heart, through me? More than that, S, I am deeply touched by your message because it motivates me to continue in my work. As you know, it is difficult to face our individual Waterloo’s, and to continue on the path before us when unexpected events arise, or our lives take us in different directions. It is the kindness and support of others that allows us to make it through those times. And for me, that is what your message did.
At the very least, please know, that what makes CELBANPrep different is that I work with you until you are ready to take the exam, however long that takes. I have made extensions available, at minimum cost. I have done everything in my power to create something that is successful, affordable and accessible.
 I will be migrating everything to YouTube, but it will take a year. So your support by subscribing for the channels until I get them up and running would be great! Thank you so very much for your e-mail, and I wish you the very best! 
Sincerely, Kim


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