Follow your heart; it will guide you well!

Hi Kim

I have not studied for long time. I still don’t know what I want to do.
As I work as a health care aide, I always question myself if I want to become a RN.
I feel like a health care aide is much closer to patients and RN is doing a lot of paper work, but not taking care of patients.
it is just because I work at a long term care , I don’t know how RN work at an acute care. I would like to do more hands on job to patients, so that I really happy right now working as a health care aide.
Anyway, I really appreciated your offer, I never study for CELBAN yet. I still don”t know if I would like to do it.
Can I wait for next opportunity? Sorry I am still not having a strong thought to be a RN right now.
That is what I am thinking right now.
Thank you for reading my thought.

Woman Wrapped in a BlanketDear M,

Thank you for your reply, and your honesty.

It is a beautiful thing that you are happy being a health care aid, at this time.

It is a beautiful thing that you want to be a nurse so you can be hands on, and work with patients.

It is not a worry if you are not certain, or committed, to being an RN.

And, being in an extended care facility you would be limited in exposure to Canadian RN’s.

Maybe, taking it one step at a time, when you are ready you can apply for a care aid position in a hospital.

Then you will see more RN’s and what they do, and decide. But that is only when you feel restless or need a change.

If you are happy now, then that is an important thing.

Do what makes you happy. It is the most important thing about life.

I was talking to a friend yesterday. He used to be the owner and manager of a store.

But now he works at a grocery store as a clerk.

He is happy. He gets paid less, but he has less stress.

If he did a job where he was paid more, he would have more stress.

He is happier being paid less, knowing he has less stress.

Taking care of our heart and spirit is most important, in life, but it is something we are not taught.

Trusting our heat to guide us in our decisions is a decision based on Emotional Intelligence.

So it is an intelligent decision, you are making, for yourself, at this time.

Follow your heart; it will guide you well!

It is not the decision for everyone, but it is the decision for you.

And when you are ready, then your heart and mind will lead you in another direction. Until then: enjoy yourself. And thank you, for taking care of our family members!



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