♥ i already passed my celban…Thank you for emails and undying encouragement

Hi kim, i know its not too late to inform you that i already passed my celban. Thank you for emails and undying encouragement. You gave each IEN the best motivation and focus to pass. Although i haven’t subscribed to your full package review i still want to give credits for your continuous support. Godbless Thank you kim. J

Congratulations for passing the CELBAN!Dear J,

Congratulations! It is never too late to share such news! With a CLB score of 8 your future was determined! I was confident you would do well, and quickly. That is not bad, passing the CELBAN within a year, or so, of arriving in Canada. So many people dream of such an achievement. And it is because of your decisions in the past, that have come to fruit in the present.

Thank you for taking the time to write, and for remaining on the mail list, especially considering you did not need my exam prep services. What you said touches my heart deeply. You are right: encouragement underlies everything I do. I strongly believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome, to achieve. Often, what prevents us is ourselves. But when we get to the place to decide, and commit to that decision, nothing can get in our way: no matter what it is that we aim for. Things may be delayed; they may even change in how they happen or appear or end up: but we can make it happen. That is the gift of humanity; and the treasure of human capital!

And you know, J, I have not articulated that in some time. I needed to remember that that is one of my core beliefs, that motivates me. I will continue to ponder upon these thoughts to determine my direction and my future goals. So, thank you, for providing me with a moment to consider what I have been doing, and why I have been doing it.

You know, you didn’t need to write. But the fact that you did created really good ripples.



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