♥ back home i was a bright and sincere student…now feeling very depressed

Dear kim,

Thank you so much for your concern.actually the problem is i am not working and,i don’t have enough money to buy package for celban.i am ready to work but i have a small baby so i can’t start work…back home i was a bright and sincere student.now life is changed alot…i have done my Post basic b.sc nursing degree…but cno said your study is not equivalent to canadian b.sc..even i passed my rpn in first attempt.now feeling very depressed.i really appreciate your concern…i told you the truth. H

MP900178793Dear H,

It is so good to hear from you, again. You have been following me for some time, since May 2013. In that time you have accomplished so much. With your Safe Practice expiring in August, I can see how you might be concerned. But, do you have an exam date before that?

Hearing your story I can understand how you would feel depressed. You have accomplished many great things; passing the RPN on the first attempt shows that you are still, “a bright and sincere student.” The difference is that you are a new mom, now, and your body is doing two things: healing, and sending all your energy into the life and preservation of your baby. That is bound to  make some changes. It has not changed how bright or sincere you are. It has simply changed your priorities and where you spend you time and energy.

As a nurse, you know, healing takes time. As a nurse you know the human body requires energy for all its processes. It is time to learn to be kind to yourself and allow those processes to happen, over time.

Your identity has changed from a maiden to a mother, but you are still H!

I thank you for telling me the truth. And I am taking what you have said, “i don’t have enough money to buy package for celban.” As a result I am making some changes, and they will be announced over the next two weeks. So, H, please be kind to yourself. Be with your baby. They are only small for such a short time. And everything is so wonderful when they are so little and experiencing the world for the first time!

I know that your path has been hard, but you can do hard things: you just gave birth! 🙂

I hope that my plans will benefit you. So, please keep an eye out for the emails I send out over the next two weeks. Then write me back, to tell me what you think!



2 responses to “♥ back home i was a bright and sincere student…now feeling very depressed

  1. Hi Kim,

    I’m also an IEN, I just recently passed the CPNRE. The only requirement I haven’t done is my English proficiency exam. I’ve never done CELBAN and IELTS before.

    I have an idea on both, its just that I’m not quite sure which one is for me. My safety practice expires next year so I have enough time to prepare on whatever I choose. What do you think is better? And how should I start if I don’t know how I am in terms of the English language. Is there an assessment tool for that?



    • Dear Gabby,
      How are you doing? Congratulations in passing the CPNRE! That is great news! One year for your safe practice means you have some breathing room and are not as pressured as others are with less time. But having passed your exam you should not need a great deal of time. Your preparations for the exam is like studying for the CELBAN when it comes to the nursing context. All you need is to understand the format of the exam and turn whatever weaknesses you may have into strengths. I do have a Writing Assessment, for a start. You can learn about it at http://www.Writing4IEHPs.iepc.ca. .. What do you think?

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