♥ Kim, Kindly guide me.forgive me for the laziness or hopelessness what i felt while going through the emails.

Good afternoon Kim!
Though you have been sending emails regularly, i was not able to start my studies or to take a step for that.its the right time you asked me why am i hang around with out any initiative ness.
Yes i need to study celban for my nursing registration.
Kindly guide me.forgive me for the laziness or hopelessness what i felt while going through the emails.
Let me take a new step  now.
Thank You for your concerns.

j0444486[1]Dear S,

I smiled when I read your message. You have been with me for quite some time! It was back in February, 2014, that you first contacted me for support and resources. What has been happening since then, to help you achieve your goal? Have you taken any steps? Let me tell you this:

  • Nurses in Canada start at $35/hr.
  • In Canada we work about 40 hrs per week, for 50 weeks a year (minus 2 weeks holiday). That is 2000 hours.
  • Now multiply $35×2000. You get $70, 000 per year!
  • Every year you postpone your decision to become a nurse in Canada you lose $70, 000 a year (minus what you are making currently).

Is that motivation? 😉

That is what makes CELBANPrep different. It is not just about teaching a class to help you pass the exam, it is about providing the emotional and affirmational support you need to keep you on track with your goals! It is about walking with you, along your path, to your dreams! It is about getting you to the place, internally, where you have confidence because you have obtained mastery! It is about teaching you professional communications, in a nursing context, that will be used and applied for the rest of your life!

Do you feel excited and motivated now? I can just imagine you reading this and feeling energy growing within. I can imagine you saying, “What have I been doing with my life?” I can visualize the smile emerging and the sparkle dancing in your eyes.

Are you committed to that dream? Commitment is the first step!

I used to always tell my daughter, “The decisions you make today create your future. So make wise decisions.”

If you have not obtained your dream, it is because you have not been making decisions, in the present, to make them happen.

Are you ready to make decisions?

Making Decisions is the second step!

Do you know what comes next? Finding Quality Coaches and Quality Training to assist you in obtaining your dream so that you can practice your skills and overcome obstacles!

You have already done that!

So what is next? Shrug. I do not know. The answer for this is different for each person. For you, your exam scores are so high! It is a matter of maintaining them. And improving your listening.

So, S, tell me:

  • Are you committed?
  • Have you made a decision? What is it?
  • Knowing that inaction and inactivity will not create what you most desire, what are you going to do today to create your future?



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