Keepsake: W4 I already took my IELTS for 3x. I’m not so sure why I can’t reach the band score that I need.

Hi Kim,
I’m doing good right now. How are you?
I came from the Philippines. I’ve been here in Canada for 2.5 years. I already took my IELTS for 3x. I’m not so aure why I can’t reach the band score that I need. I feel so frustated about my English Exam. Somebody suggested to me to try CELBAN. I tried 1 version of self-assessment and I got band 9 for both listening and reading. Please help me to prepare for CELBAN. I really wanted to take all the lesson that you have. However, I can’t afford anyone of them because I only work for minimum wage. Thanks. J

I already took my IELTS for 3x. .!Dear J,

Thanks for writing. Many people, like you, have taken and retaken the IELTS repeatedly and have become frustrated with similar results.


I am glad that you see the CELBAN as an alternative, there is hope!


I also appreciate your comment, ” I already took my IELTS for 3x. I’m not so aure why I can’t reach the band score that I need.” This is the root of the problem. People take the exam again and again, hoping for an increased score, but not knowing why they can not get a required score.

And yet the secret to passing an exam is understanding what you lacking, what skills need to be developed, or in other words identifying weaknesses.

Once weaknesses are identified you are empowered to turn your weaknesses into a strength. So the question is: how do you get your weaknesses identified? There are several options:

Once you know your weaknesses, then what do you do? Knowing your weaknesses allows you to know where to direct your attention and time. (If you have taken the CELBAN, and CELBAN results..) If you have a weakness with articles, then in order to pass the CELBAN you need to focus your attention on understanding the correct use of articles. Grammar Essentials~ Nouns & Articles  is a valuable resource to turn weaknesses into strengths. Grammar Essentials has been created exactly for that reason, to turn weaknesses into strengths, when it comes to grammar.

There are also resources for:

They are vital resources to assist people to increase their score on the CELBAN (or any English exam) from a 5 to a 7+ in writing. But not only that, improving your grammar increases your score not only in writing but also reading and speaking!

Investing the time and energy in improving your skills, abilities and capacities is how you get acceptable scores on English exams.

So where do you start? Checkout the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Pre-test available internationally through Amazon. Here you will experience a quiz of two of the most common weaknesses among IENs: nouns, articles, verbs and verbals. You can also check out the Look-Inside feature on Amazon and read a few pages for free.
Sales Policy portraitWhen it comes to your finances, have you learned about the IEPC Compassion Pricing Policy?
Just so you know, the value of CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials is
  • $49/video and there are 2 per module,
  • $25/workbook per module.

That means that the value of each module is about $125 CND per topic; but, because of the Compassionate Pricing Policy you can purchase it for much less.

So, J, the secret to your success, when you take the CELBAN or retake the IELTS, is not only identifying your weaknesses but also knowing how to turn them into strengths. That is what CELBAN or IELTS is all about.
What do you think?

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