You fill us will hope so God will definitely give you power to overcome this situation

Hi Kim, this is D here. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. It is heart breaking news. I am also a mother and I can’t even imagine my life without my daughter now. We will all pray for you. God will give you strength to bear this loss. Be strong as you are stronger than anyone in this world. You fill us will hope so God will definitely give you power to overcome this situation. D

Lighthouse in storm with fading lightDear D,

Over the past month I have received phone calls, emails and text messages from friends, people in our various communities and people from church. There have been people who knew my daughter from the time she was little, or got to know her only in her teenage years. Some were neighbours. Some were bus friends. Some were from China, India, Mexico, Poland. Some live in Canada, in the US, and in Japan. There were teachers from elementary and junior high; even her vice principle who has since retired, was in attendance. Prayers have been offered up by our friends including: LDS bishops, a Catholic priest, a United Reverend. Our friends include those who are Catholic, Muslim, Latter-Day-Saints, United, Aboriginal, non-denomenational.

20 people who attended her Celebration of Life told stories about how their lives had been impacted by her. One person called her “an ambassador of love.”

Since I posted the email on Dear Kim: hi kim, how is everything going?,Β  I have received similar messages of support from IENs across Canada from around the world.

Hearts are open as people are praying for me (us).

Everyone is sending love, support, encouragement.

And yet I got to the point that I would open emails searching for something, not knowing what it was ~ only knowing that I had not found it. Email after email I read the words, many that touched me deeply, but none of them pierced my heart; until I read your message.

Hope Sessions

I found what I was looking for in your message, in your words, “You fill us will hope so God will definitely give you power to overcome this situation.”

I know my daughter is in a better place than she was when she was on earth, she has suffered from chronic illnesses all of her life. The intensity of pain she had been experiencing for the last three years has been paramount. And yet, through it all she continued to bring smiles to peoples faces, ensuring they felt love when they needed it the most.

I have faith. My spirit is strong, so very strong. But I have been searching for that one thing that will provide for me the ability to overcome. But I did not know what it was until I read your words. I was seeking truth. Truth that pierces my heart and illuminates my soul. Truth that provides hope at a time of darkness. Truth that resonates with purity, light and love.

God has guided me on this journey of creating CELBANPrep. He has sustained me. He has provided guidance to me. He has carried me through the rough patches. He has touched the hearts of individual IENs to write to me at times when I needed to hear their words. He has touched the souls of so many others, transforming their gratitude into prayer. Time and time again I have been sustained by the prayers of IENs across Canada and from around the world when I needed it most; I could feel their prayers for me: because of what I do, and how I do it. Because everything that I do comes from my heart and soul.

With the loss of my daughter I have been worried:Β  What if everything remains flat? What if my heart never heals? What if I can no longer do what I have been doing? What if I can no longer connect? What if I can no longer provide encouragement, support and thus hope?

After the amazing experience with the IEPC Hope Sessions I was filled with light, energy, excitement and ambition! I had new ideas of all the things I can do not only for IENs but also IEHPs and IEPs (Internationally Educated Health Professionals and Internationally Educated Professionals)!

How could I host hope sessions with a broken heart? without the ability to connect? without hope?

When I read your words, “You fill us will hope so God will definitely give you power to overcome this situation,” I knew they were true. I knew, deep inside, that it is because of what I do, and how I do it, that God will give me the power to overcome.

God will give me the power to overcome.

I am eternally grateful for your words that have provided me with a knowledge, deep within my soul, of my individual worth and my divine nature. And for teaching me the importance of providing hope by speaking truth. For it is when we hear truth, that resonates deep within our souls, that we can overcome our trials knowing our purpose on earth.

I thank you for reminding me of mine, and the Heavenly help I will receive to do so.

In Spirit,


4 responses to “You fill us will hope so God will definitely give you power to overcome this situation

  1. Kim! Please continue to be a blessing to everyone especially to foreign nurses. J

  2. Dear Kim,
    Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your dear one. I only became aware of it yesterday when you sent this mail. I am so sorry for my ignorance.
    However, I trust God for your recovery soon because you have been a great strength for most of us IENs. The Lord will restore every lost virtue and return onto you with everlasting kindness. Be ye strong and immovable. For sure, it shall be well with your household.
    Stay blessed.

  3. Dear kim

    The loss of a loved one is never easy, you fight to hold on and you fight to let go. Once you choose hope anything is possible.Everything is going to be alright, maybe not today but eventually, In spirit you have given hope to hundreds of people out there………… Remember God loves you so very much, that he will renew your strength and he will give you the courage to move on slowly but surely!!

    Warm wishes and prayers

  4. Kim,

    I do not know what to write to console you Kim. I was shocked first I read the email. I only know you like you are a teacher and you have a daughter and I do not know more about you Kim. I easily understand that how broken hearted you are now. But we cannot change our God’s decision Kim. God will give you peace and strength to move on Kim.

    My hearty condolence for your loss Kim.

    I will pray for you and your family Kim.

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