♥ I guess I’m a little pessimistic and hopeless right now [about the CELBAN]

Hello Kim,
…I just seem to know that you have helped already a number of Internationally Educated Nurses especially not only in leaping over a language barrier, but also instilling them hope and perseverance to pursue their dreams and help them to be exactly where the “bliss” is. I just wondered if I can be one of those people whom you have helped in achieving success. :)…

I have with me again this feeling of fear, completely mixed emotions because I don’t know how difficult the CELBAN exam is, or if I can make it with just one take… I guess I’m a little pessimistic and hopeless right now… How do I conquer this fear? …

I hope you can spare insights not only with regards to writing… leaving atleast a drop of hope for me that sooner or later, everything will be fine starting from passing the CELBAN exam down to complete registration to NNAS and the nursing regulatory bodies in Canada.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot!

Dear K,

I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling fearful, ambivalent, pessimistic and hopeless. There is an interesting phenomenon that happens when I post anything on Dear Kim that mentions fear, hopelessness or pessimism: my stats sky skyrocket. There are so many IENs feeling the exact same way, seeking the same support, encouragement and hope.

But something else has been happening. With all of the changes with the CELBAN and CELAS (and NNAS) hope has diminished exceedingly. To illustrate I went into my stats for Dear Kim for the past three years. I wanted to see if I could graphically represent hope based on readership. In the graphic below you see three years: 2012 in green, 2013 in yellow, 2014 in red.

(NOTE: these graphics are based on the school year so I removed the summer months and December.)

As you can see 2012 was the inception of Dear Kim, and readership slowly increased throughout the year. In 2013 readership remained high, with minor fluctuations. But look what happened in 2014. The year started out strong, with numbers consistent with the previous year. But then something happened in May, when the first announcements about CELAS and the CELBAN came out. Hope and the CELBAN bar graphDo you see the steady decline in readership? The stats for September, usually a peak time, were less in 2014 than the very first year, in 2012!

Let’s look at it another way.

Hope and the CELBAN line graph

These are the same numbers depicted in a different way. Can you see the decrease in hope?

When I created these graphics I was stunned! I could not believe that I could graphically illustrate what was happening for IENs across Canada, and around the world. Hope has deflated.

So I sent out a call to my Writing Coaches and Speaking Mentors. I wrote:

I was just reading an email that inspired this message. [quoting the message above] This feeling of ambivalence and lack of hope is at epidemic proportions right now. It is quite common for me to meet people who feel this way. But the numbers of disheartened people has increased as a result of the changes with the national administrator of the CELBAN, and the lack of exam dates. People are less than under-motivated.
In reading this email I was thinking of hosting a FREE Hope session….While I can instill hope in IENs, I believe that you have the capacity to magnify the degree of hope IENs will feel because you have been through the process, you have experience the challenges, yet you persevere.
What do you say? Would you be interested, willing, to give of your time to help to lift those IENs who chose to join us? Would you be interested and willing to instill some hope?
With utmost respect and regard,
One IEN who had been back home over the summer wrote back, “What do you mean… What is happening Kim? To understand, nobody plans or take care of the CELBAN exam right now?”

I replied, “I don’t want to write the rest of this message. That is exactly what I mean, ‘nobody plans or take care of the CELBAN exam right now’ … People have lost hope. They do not understand how long it takes to prepare. So they are not preparing. I don’t know if it will help… but it seemed like a good idea.’ She agreed.

Another replied,
hi Kim,
How are you? I am interested to help lift IENs who needs hope right now. I am aware that the changes brought by the change in testing administration and procedures has made other nurses worried and full of questions. In what way could we help them?
… IENs are emotional right now and they need support that we are here, we can listen to them and give time. Making them feel that they are not alone and they could have a support group online.
I wish you well and I hope to hear from you soon. Take care!
Love and Light, G.
Aren’t they great? That is why they are part of the CELBANPrep Team!
So with their support and encouragement, and with inspiration from your message, I am pleased to announce the first IEPC Hope Session.
Hope Sessions
It will be scheduled for Tuesday October 14, the day after Thanksgiving.
So thank you, K, for your message. Thank you for the inspiration for the IEPC Hope Session, available for free because of the  CELBANPrep and IEPC Compassionate Pricing  Policy . Who knows, if it goes well it may be one more resource offered through IEPC and CELBANPrep!
And at the close of this message I ask you, did I, “leaving atleast a drop of hope”?
P.S. Please share this message if you know anyone that needs hope with regards to the CELBAN and becoming a nurse in Canada.

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