ARNPEI: Internationally Educated Registered Nurse Applicants

Updated 2021

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By now you should be pretty saturated with all the information about the licensure process, NNAS and the provincial licensure bodies. I know I am. In this process of doing all this research I think I have a pretty good handle on what is happening when it comes to the process of becoming a nurse in Canada. Mind you, I have also learned that it is not easy to find this information on the websites of the provincial colleges of nursing. It is certainly not on the front page, and often I have had to enter several search terms to find anything. That is what happened when I came to the Association of Registered Nurses of PEI. But with the persistence I have learned from you, IENs, I persisted. Alas I found their notifications and a PDF. If you have been reading along for the past week, then this will be a solidifying review. If you have not, or are in PEI, or are thinking of going to PEI here you are!

NOTE: This post was written in August of 2014, at the inception of the National Nursing Assessment Service. Prior to that time IENs had to provide documentation to provincial colleges of nursing. Since 2014 the documentation process, the assessment process, has been centralized through NNAS. Thus, while some of this information may be dated, and links have changed with updates to websites, the information and insights you gain may still be valuable to you so that you can understand the process better.


Internationally Educated Registered Nurse Applicants


In order to apply to be a nurse in Canada,Β all international NNASapplicantsΒ will require their documents and credentials to be submitted to and verified by the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS).

Once all your documents are received and an assessment of your international credentials is complete, you will be notified by the NNAS and may then apply to the association of Registered Nurses Of Prince Edward Island (ARNPEI) to complete your assessment for eligibility to practice as a Registered Nurse in Prince Edward Island.


A single window online process to begin the application process to any province in Canada (except Quebec).

  • Ability to complete your application online and to pay for your initial assessment online
  • One central location to send your documents
  • A centralized credential assessment process
  • Access to a 1-800 customer care telephone number with service in English or French
  • Ability to track the status of your application online through the NNAS website



The ARNPEI will continue to make final decisions as to whether to accept or decline an applicant’s request for assessment for eligibility to write the NCLEX-RN.

The NNAS will accept an applicant’s initial application and assess their documents (education transcripts, identity documents). A report will be created by NNAS which along with other information will be used
by ARNPEI to determine if an applicant proceeds to the next steps in the assessment process.

The ARNPEI will continue to follow the registration and licensure requirements as outlined in the ARNPEI Registered Nurses Act and Registration and Licensure of Nurses Regulations.

ARNPEI PDF Document:Β Internationally Educated Registered Nurse Applicants


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