♦ With your help,encouragement and advise will surely take me to the first step of my career [as a nurse in Canada]

Hi Kim,
…I arrived in Vancouver last August 2013.I took IELTS November 2013 and got a total band score of only 6.My score are not good ,all my scores are 6 except speaking 6.5.  I admit that i was not prepared,lack of time since i got work as care aide right away.
All my friends told me that CELBAN is easy than the ielts. I was inspired reading your website with all the messages from people who has dream like me,to pursue our profession.Truly Kim,I really miss my work as a nurse & it’s depressing sometimes,thinking why I am in this country.
I decided to take CELBAN,with your help,encouragement and advise will surely take me to the first step of my career back.
Thank you.

MP900438950Dear J,

I never know what awaits me in my inbox. Each day is different as I read messages from people across Canada, and around the world. Some messages are brief, with very little detail. But others are longer, more thoughtful and more revealing. These messages are filled with honesty: honesty about the despair and disappointment, honesty about the struggles and challenges, honesty about hopes and dreams.
Each time people write to me, opening their individual hearts and lives, my heart leaps out of my chest wanting to comfort or celebrate … depending on the situation. Immediately I feel a connection.
This is what happened as I read your email. A smile appeared. My heart felt light. My eyes sparkled. It touches me deeply to know that posting the emails I receive and the messages I send in reply inspired you and connected you to others who have the same hopes and dreams, struggles and disappointments. It touches me deeply to know that I have touched your heart and spirit, igniting the fire within, without having even met you! It touches me to know that while this technology we have can be used for bad, that it is possible to use it to bring people together, to share light, and to bear up one another.
  • You are not alone: in your struggles or dreams. 
  • You are not alone on this path. 
  • You are not alone in hoping for a better life for yourself and your family: both here and in Canada. 
  • You are not alone in feeling depressed about not practicing as a nurse. 
  • You are not alone in wondering why you are here in Canada. 
And I can tell you, you are here for a reason. Actually, you are here for many reasons. And while it may take time and dedication you will get to your dream as long as you hold onto it. As long as you have that hope, you will make it. And when the hope is fading: go to my blog Dear Kim http://dear-kim.com, or write to me.
7 Things You MUST Know to Pass the CELBAN


For as you well know, J, what I do through CELBANPrep is not just prepare people for the exam. That would be easy enough to do. But it would be boring to me. It would not feed my heart and soul. It would not bring a smile to my face and motivate me to work harder to create even more resources. So instead, I created CELBANPrep in a way to feed my heart and spirit by really caring about the people who come to me. To them I offer support and inspiration knowing the journey is not easy, the path precarious, the experience trying. I know that people’s hearts and spirits fail them when they get scores that are lower than the requirement. Many people internalize this outcome and think all kinds of negative thoughts that prevent them from continuing on the path.

But,as a friend of mine likes to say,
“This is a character building moment.”
This is a time to really find out what you are made of: determination? dedication? courage? resilience? hope? faith? endurance?
And if you do not have these characteristics, situation like this allow you to create them, form them, nurture them. And in doing so you begin to create a legacy for your own children and future generations. In overcoming obstacles in your life and on your path you are then an example to all those who follow you who will need a light to guide the way when they come to their individual trials and struggles in life, whatever they be.
Some time in the future one of your descendants will say, “I know that I can do this. If there is one thing I learned from great grandmother J it was never to give up on my dreams. She worked so hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse in Canada. She overcame so many challenges. Sure, she slowed down a bit after getting some bad news, but she picked herself up again. She found resources to help her: both internally and externally. And she did it. If she could do it, then I can do it!”
Family history stories of migration and settlement are among the richest resources we hold. You are writing your family history this very moment. What will that story be?

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