HOPE !! Less than one year ago you were losing hope! But… you have passed the CELBAN

Hello Kim,

Dec.9, I attended my Health Assessment Lab, I was so suprise when [someone] approached me and mentioned that I’m one of her classmate in celbanprep. Currently, I am doing my self review in prepation for the January 2014 CPNRE. Without your guidance Kim, im not in this stage right now. Β Thank you very much and God will bless you more. R.

Β MP900441010Dear R,

How happy I am to read your message! How happy I am to hear the news! It was less than one year ago that you wrote about your disenchantment with the CELBAN and were thinking once more about taking the IELTS! Less than one year ago you were losing hope! But here you are: you have passed the CELBAN, in the Heath Assessment Lab, and preparing for the CPNRE! In no time you will be a Practical Nurse! How exciting!
And isn’t [she] lovely? She is a magnet for meeting others who took CELBANPrep! I am glad that you were able to meet her. She seems like the kind of person that would be a good friend and a great support ~ and everyone can use someone like that in their individual lives! Many long term relationships have started through CELBANPrep!
I must say, I have missed you: working with you, reading your posts, getting your sweet messages. Yet I am so pleased that you are well onto your way of fulfilling your dreams here in Canada! Congratulations!
No matter where your path takes you, please write me once in a while to tell me know you are doing!

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