300♥ Because the CELBAN listening benchmark is just so high… I am not 100% confident that I will pass

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Hello Kim,
I’m doing good, thanks for thinking about me. I am a quite relieved that the exam is over, but still I’m a bit uneasy whenever I think about the outcome. I am not 100% confident that I will pass it because the listening benchmark is just so high; although I did the best I can, I am not sure if my mark could reach it. Almost all of the other examinees’  concerns were about the listening section, all rest of the test were just fine. So still, the agony of waiting is where I am currently in for the meantime. I am trying not to be so pessimistic because I know I did my best, and I think I worked quite hard to prepare for it. Thank you for the lessons that I learned from Celbanprep. Honestly, it helped me a lot on my writing and speaking, and it gave me such enlightenment about what celban exam was like. On top of that, the motivation and encouragement that you gave every now and then was really of big help; they really boosted my confidence. I’m still holding that hope that I could pass the Celban exam. And if not, I will not lose courage to try it again, because if others can make it, I know I also can if accompanied by hard work. I’ll let you know about the results maybe after 3 weeks? I hope I would be telling a good news by that time. Still keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂


Dear D,

Thanks for writing and letting me know. An interesting thing happened when I read your e-mail, I actually heard your sweet voice!
I understand about not being 100% confident. Your reasons are not from a lack of self concept or thinking lowly about yourself but on the high expectations on the exam. All I can tell you is that while some people pass all of the other skills and get a 9 in listening, there are many that do get a 10.
The great thing is that you have a great attitude and positive perspective. This was your first time, so being gentle with your self is necessary. Because it is true; if others have been able to do it, you can too.
The waiting period can be extremely difficult.
  •  Keep yourself busy attending to other things so that your mind is active and full. The time will fly by very quickly.
  • Remember the Secrets to Success. Remember what you have learned about Mastering Your Psychology.
Just so you know, I just got an e-mail from someone else who just took the exam and passed. She just had a little baby, and took the exam when he was only a few months old. As a result she was not able to complete CELBANPrep Writing Level Two, and her confidence was impacted by that. Yet she passed!
Whatever your results may be, when you get them, remember the reason why the score in CELBAN Listening is so high:
  1. You have to be able to demonstrate your ability to interpret communications, correctly, in four contexts:
    • Interacting with Others
    • Getting Things Done,
    • Understanding Information, and
    • Receiving Instructions.
  2. You must be able to demonstrate these skills in demanding medical contexts.
  3. There is also a cultural component, being able to interpret communications that are non-verbal
  4. Because Canada is multicultural, you must also be able to understand what is being spoken by people from around the world with accents you may not be able to hear through. 

Most importantly, the score for CELBAN Listening is so high because patient care and safety depends on you being able to hear, interpret, and understand what other people are saying to you: whether it be a doctor, a supervisor, a co-worker, a patient or the patient’s family.

So, no matter what score you render, know that as a professional entry exam the CELBAN is ensuring that you are the very best nurse – in Canada – that you can be! 
That is why CELBANPrep University’s 90 Day Challenge has been designed the way it is, with the Canadian Communication and Culture component, so that you can learn the skills that are required in demanding medical situations.  

Learn the Secrets to Success on the CELBAN. Explore how to Master Your Psychology. Explore CELBANPrep University.

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