♦ My major problem is to work on computer… to study on-line [with CELBANPrep]

Dear Kim,

My major problem is to work on computer.I am not too good to operate it.
Moreover i am not much comfortable to study on-line.That is why i am not buying even the cheap material provided by you.Is there any solution with you to solve my this problem.
Best Regards,
Woman Working at ComputerK,

There is a solution: become more comfortable with the computer and increase your typing skills!
I have to tell you, K, I have met many others like you. I have a few posts on Dear Kim about their struggles and triumphs! https://dear-kim.com/?s=computers.
The problem with your problem is the longer you avoid embracing technology the more difficult your path to licensure! Computers and technology are all integrated into nursing in Canada, what with paperless offices and all. Furthermore, the more behind you get, the harder it is and the longer it takes to catch-up. And many of the SEC or upgrading courses have been developed using distance education, much as CELBANPrep has been developed. By overcoming fears now, in a friendly and encouraging environment, you will be investing in your future. As a nurse you will be required to work with computers and systems that have not even been designed or integrated yet. Catching the wave means being on step, rather than being left behind in the wake.
Your future is determined by the decisions you make today. What will your decision be?

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