So far I found it complicated to find a book to study Celban

HI There
My name is W.
I am a new comer to Canada. I am interested to study Celban. to be honest after many dispute with my wife I decided to ask you about Celban study.
So far I found it complicated to find a book to study Celban ,would you please tell me how to start studding celban because I don’t want to jeopardize my International educated nurse
I found it would be easy for me if I communicate with some one through my phone…
I appreciate your cooperation
Hope to hear from you soon
Regards W.
side profile of a bride and groom smilingDear W,

.. I appreciate your openness and honesty. I am sorry that learning more about becoming a nurse in Canada has cause disputes between you and your wife. I am certain that love and concern are behind both of your perspectives. I am curious about what the discussions were about. And I am glad that you feel enough trust in me to ask me…
The struggle you have faced in searching for resources for the CELBAN is the same struggle I faced five years ago when I was working at an employment agency with internaationally educated health professionals. So many of my nurses came to me asking, “Kim, where can I find books to study for the CELBAN?”
What is this CELBAN, I wondered. I could not find anything, so I started teaching. At first I used the Readiness Self -Assessment as my guide, and then as I met more and more nurses, over time they helped me to refine what I was doing so it was more consistent with the exam. For example, what I provided in the freeΒ How to Prepare for the CELBANΒ used to be the course I sold. But then with feedback I got more clarity, and created new resources, which are now in theΒ Study Guide and Sample Tests for Reading and Listening.
I would love to help you understand how to start preparing for the CELBAN. But first I need to know where you are starting from, and how much time it might require for you to prepare for the exam.
I am concerned when you write, ”Β I don’t want to jeopardize my International educated nurse.” I don’t understand. How can preparing for the exam jeopardize your path? Do you mean because you can only take the CELBAN three times? (See:Β Warning about the CELBAN)
I know. I too would love to speak with everyone in person. However there is only one of me and hundreds and thousands of IENs both here in Canada and abroad. And cloning technology is not that reliable yet! So, I startedΒ Β 7 Things You MUST Know to Pass the CELBANΒ . But, as I am creating courses for listening and reading this summer I decided to not do any presentations. But so many people have been asking to speak with me in person I am revisiting the idea of doing a presentation in August.
Please write back… I will do my best to answer your questions.Β Now it is I that hopes to hear from you soon!

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