♦ If they can do it [take an online CELBAN Prep class], so can I!

Dear Kim,
Hi! Sorry if it took me long to reply. Actually, I was debating with myself
If I can do this online/self-review thing. Because I am used to
the traditional kind of review wherein you go to a class and stuff
like that. But upon reading the messages on your blogs, if they can
do it, so can I.
And What can you suggest for me to avail first?
I’d like to avail the Course Bundle for speaking
and writing.
Thanks for your reply!
MP900442941Dear R,
How great it is to hear from you, thank you… I loved reading what you wrote, “Actually, I was debating with myself If I can do this online/self-review thing. Because I am used to the traditional kind of review wherein you go to a class and stuff like that.” Many people have this debate. But in all actuality when I talk to IENs after they become RNs they thank me so much for introducing them to this format of writing, and many had to use the same methods for upgrading or SEC courses. Others thank me because of how much more comfortable they became with using computers; with computers being a vital part of the medical field in paperless offices and hospitals confidence, computer literacy and keyboarding skills are a must. There is simply not enough time to learn these things when you become an RN.
Secondly, I smile yet again as I re-read your words. I love your attitude, “But upon reading the messages on your blogs, if they can do it, so can I.” You can do it!  But it takes time, persistence, perseverance and dedication. The thing is, you are not alone. Even through you are working at home, or at a cafe, or in a library on your assignments, you are never alone! As a teacher, I love the traditional model where I can meet people in person, and talk with them, and get to know them. Teaching online has its limitations. Sometimes I have said, “I am a teacher without a classroom as much as you are a nurse without a patient!” So, I do what I can to ensure there is a connection: through writing assignments, e-mail support, speaking conference calls and live webinars. In this way I am able to meet people not only across Canada but around the world.
So, R, at the end of the day what are you thinking?
Again, I apologize, and I thank you for your patience and forgiveness!

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