♥ Still I’m afraid to go for this new [CELBAN] exam… i have to appear in CRNE for the second time …i failed in the first attempt

Dear Sir
I’m ok.It is nice in toronto but life is very tough here I dont know
how am I gonna survive.

I’m from Pakistan.
I just landed here on 19th May 2013 and yes this is my first stop.I
have done IELTS in 2010 with a band of total 7  ,Listening 7.5,Reading
7.5,writing 6.5 and speaking 6.5.
This is my first time to appear for CELBAN.
My reason for doing CELBAN is that i have to appear in CRNE for the
second time which i failed in the first attempt with very few marks.

Secondly, although I have studied from
the top university of Pakistan in the field of nursing but still I’m
afraid to go for this new exam.

Thanks a lot for your moral support and cooperation .


Flag of PakistanDear A,

How amazed I am at the courage you have to come all the way from Pakistan to Canada, yet your courage flickers like a candle flame in the wind about taking these exams. Certainly you are brilliant! How can you not be to have graduated from the top university in Pakistan, as a woman! Now there is some kind of strength within you to accomplish such a feat! It is simply a matter of tapping into that courage about taking exams in Canada.
Did you know that only a short 10 years ago only 50% of IENs passed the CRNE the first time? Did you know only 70% pass the first time at present? Did you know that those who fail do not fail because they are not smart! They fail because they do not know the Canadian culture when it comes to communication, problem solving, working on a team and critical thinking. They fail from not knowing how to make decisions based on ethics, as defined by the CNA and other Colleges of Nursing.
In this light you are still brilliant; there is just a body of knowledge and information you need to learn. Once you learn it, you too will pass the exam!
Feeling better yet? Smiling yet?  Then please do something for me. Any time and every time you start questioning yourself go to Dear Kim and read the posts under this tag: encouragement. Many people have told me that reading these posts have helped them find the courage to continue. I am smiling knowing that if I was able to do that for them, I will be able to do that for you too.
Because A from Pakistan, that is what I am about. Sure CELBANPrep will teach you how to prepare for the CELBAN exam, but more than that I will prepare you until you are confident in yourself. It is when you are confident that you will be ready to take the exam.
Life is tough, but you will survive. You have already survived through so very much. Tap into the fire of your spirit and you will be able to do anything!
You are so welcome. I am here to provide moral support because A it seems that is what you need more than anything!
Let me know what you think, A.


One response to “♥ Still I’m afraid to go for this new [CELBAN] exam… i have to appear in CRNE for the second time …i failed in the first attempt

  1. Please leave a comment about why you feel fear about taking the exam. Thanks. Kim

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