I am only gonna be free to attend [CELBANPrep] on weekends


Thanks so much for your inspiring word… Indeed staying here and trying to male it through the tough times isn’t easy… And am so grateful that you’re there to aid us out. As a start I wanna ask where I could go and attend the review class for CELBAN? And what available achedules will there be… as am only gonna be free to attend it on weekends…. thanks so much… J

Woman On Her Cell PhoneGreat Question, J.

Do you know the tag line for CELBANPrep? It is “Available when you are. Available where you are.” All of CELBANPrep resources are available online. Not only does this allow me to cut costs, it also allows me to teach people not only across the nation but around the globe! If you only have time on the weekend, that is fine! Lessons are delivered by e-mail You can read them at your leisure: even at 2 am. You can post assignments at your leisure: even at midnight on Saturdays (after the kids are in bed!). Speaking conference Calls are held once a month, and you have enough notice so that you can work with your schedule to create the time to attend.
Available when you are. Available where you are.
“You might want to read:Β how it worksΒ  orΒ testimonialΒ for more information.
Looking forward to your reply.
Dear Reader, If you have subscribed to CELBANPrep please write a comment about how being online helped you to fit CELBANPrep into your busy life.

4 responses to “I am only gonna be free to attend [CELBANPrep] on weekends

  1. hi kim im IEN i need your help to pass the celban exam..how to reach you via what?cp.landline email? i need some review materials.and do you have review center here in edmonton,AB?
    thank you kim

    • Dear Randy,
      Thanks for your comment! It is great to hear from you. While CELBANPrep started in Edmonton I had a decision to make: either I could teach Edmontonians at a review center in a classroom, or I could teach people across Canada and around the world online. Because I wanted to help more people I chose online. Now that I have actually done it, helping people from across Canada and around the world to pass the CELBAN exam, I know it was the right choice.

      Please sign up for your free How to Prepare for the CELBAN at http://www.celban.info for your free resources. Then you will be able to contact me.

      Looking forward to hearing from you, Randy!
      P.S. You are very welcome!

  2. hi kim how to be part on this forum?

    • Randy,
      There is a spot on the top right where you can add your e-mail to follow this blog, and get posts in your inbox.

      As it is a blog, it is not a forum. Questions are posted from the e-mails I receive. Only commenting is possible. I am so glad you did!


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