I’m busy, sometimes I don’t have time to read your [How to Prepare for the CELBAN] email.

Hi Kim

I really appreciated your effort and time, reminding me about CELBAN practice. I’m busy, so sometimes I don’t have time to read your email. And isn’t possible to get some book material instead of kindle or e-book. I prefer for this kind of material in practicing my speaking and writing. Thank you so much.


clockDear J,

I understand. Many people tell me the same thing. At this time all of our resources are online, to decrease cost and make things more immediately accessible. I do have intentions of having books in print, but that will not happen for a while. In the mean time there are some suggested resources at www.celban.biz.
Maybe, what is more important is developing a plan for time management so that you have time to study. I have so many people who subscribe to CELBANPrep, but do not have time to read the e-mails, study the lessons, or practice. If you need added motivation, think about attending aΒ 7-things-you-must-know-to-pass-the-celban. It is highly motivational.
Maybe this is not the time or the season for you to be preparing for the exam, but before you know it weeks, month and even years will pass and you will be at the same place: hoping that tomorrow you will have time. Time will not stand still and wait for you. You need to manage your resources, when it comes to time, and create the opportunity. Otherwise this will continue to be a struggle even as an RN.
Then, when you have done so, contact me! Then we will use your time wisely!
All the best, J!

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