Do I capitalize diseases? CELBAN Writing

Update 2021

Dear Friend,

Alzheimer and stroke are the names of diseases, why I can use the capital letter for the former, but for the latter I can not use it?

What do you think?


I was talking with one of my nurses, who is taking both the Secrets to Success and Wonderful Writing. When I asked her to review the Grammar Essentials she said, “I have not thought about grammar since I was in elementary school. (Around 9 and 10.) ”Β 

I smiled. The Grammar Essentials series I have created is one of the secrets to success on the CELBAN! And yet so many Internationally Educated Nurses pass it by.Β 

“Grammar!” they think. “What does that have to do with the CELBAN?”Β 

Obviously they are not trusting the 10+ years of experience I have, having taught hundreds and thousands of nurses from across Canada and around the world!Β 

Why would I waste time – one entire year – creating the lessons, modules, workbooks, videos, graphics and sequencing?

  1. Because there is a need.
  2. Because it works!
  3. Because increasing your score in writing, speaking and reading depends on your ability, knowledge and competencies on what the CLB/CELBAN people call, “Grammatical Knowledge” within the sphere of “Organizational Knowledge.”Β 

So, dear friend, brush up on your Grammar with this course, and you will be improving your communication skills both when creating communication and interpreting what you read and hear!Β 

That brings us back to the question, “If both Alzheimer and stroke are both diseases: why is one capitalized and the other is not?”Β 

The answer to this is covered in Volume #1: Nouns & Articles when we explore proper and common nouns before learning how to triage when to use articles a/an, the, and zero articles!Β 

There are two components to this course:

  1. Purchase the workbook from Amazon, then
  2. Get a subscription to CELBANPrep University. There you can enter the Video Library to access the learning and teaching videos.Β 

You can take this course, with its 4 modules, as self-study, then again as a refresher during the CELBANPrep 90 Day Challenge. Mind you, the Challenge is pretty intense, so to avoid feeling overwhelmend make sure you spend ample time learning the basics.


Save Time and Money.Β Explore CELBANPrep University.

4 responses to “Do I capitalize diseases? CELBAN Writing

  1. It is really amazing that are so many diseases named after people…I never thought about it, but a list is endless; Parkinson disease, Crohn, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Botkin’s disease and even Sallmonellosis!

    • You are a thorough study, Tatiana! I am so impressed that you found so many. So, remember for each one that it is possessive: Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, Lou Gehrig’s, Botkin’s.
      I am curious, how did you find them?
      Mind you, we do not capitalize the salmonella bacteria that forms Salmonellosis. You can correct me on that if you find a reliable source. I googled it with a small “s” and there were many hits written that way.
      Great effort! You get a gold star!!!!

  2. According to Wikepedia, Alzheimer disease was first described by a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer and was named after him. So as Alzheimer is a surname we should use the capital letter. In other cases names of diseases are objectives, which do not requre capitals.
    Is it correct?

    • Wonderful. Tatiana! Exactly!
      Can you name other diseases that are named after people that are also capitalized?

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