In Memory of Jonas P. ~ He will always be remembered.

Death can happen to anybody at any time and place. I thought my feelings were invulnerable after what I had gone through with my own family, but I was wrong.Β On the night of April 2010, my girlfriend phoned and broke the very sad news. A colleague met a tragic death. He was shot once in the face and twice in the chest. I was struck in disbelief and felt my jaw shaking. My feelings were unexplainable; IΒ wanted to cry but my eyes felt so dry.Β When I came in to work the following day, my shoulders were stooped; they felt so heavy as if there was a sack of rice on top of me. There was nothing I could do but to reminisce his smiling face every time I pass by his station as our way of greeting to each other. He will always be remembered. So, live life to the fullest; say, ” I love you” to your loved ones and friends, and mean it! We will never know when our time is up here on earth.

Dearest Kim,

Thank you so much. I felt so honored with my essay posted on your blog. Last week, I mentioned it to my 2 close friends, one here in Saskatoon and the other one in Singapore. They were just as excited as I am and were both eager to read. My friend in Singapore knew Jonas as well because we used to work in the same hospital.

Take care always, Toni

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