What is the best and most complete reviewer [for the CELBAN] you have?

There are a lot of reviewers found in your site. What is the best and most complete reviewer you have?:) thanks J

WDear J,

The answer to the question depends on how much time and money you have.

If you have received the How to Prepare for the CELBAN, you are already familiar with the method of delivery of CELBANPrep. All of the lessons for writing and speaking, and practice exams for reading and listening, are online. How to Prepare for the CELBAN was created to mirror these resources in look and function, so that people would not only be familiar with the resources they would have added confidence having used the free resources.

If you go to the Sign-up page you will see that each subscription has a different duration:

  • CELBANPrep Writing is a course forΒ  8 lessons in 8 weeks, so it is for two months
  • CELBANPrep Speaking is a course for 4 lessons in 4 weeks, so it is for one month
  • CELBANPrep Reading and Listening are e-books available for 3 weeks each.

For reading and listening there are:

When it comes to the Reading Complete ($24.99) you get:

  • CELBANPrep Reading Study Guide ($4.99)
  • CELBANPrep Reading Sample Tests One: one practice test for each of the four skills ($9.99)
  • CELBANPrep Reading Sample Tests Two: one practice test for each of the four skills ($9.99)

When it comes to the Listening Complete ($24.99) you get:

  • CELBANPrep Listening Study Guide ($4.99)
  • CELBANPrep Listening Sample Tests One: three practice tests ($9.99)
  • CELBANPrep Listening Sample Tests Two: three practice tests ($9.99)

You can buy them together as the CELBANPrep Study Guide and Sample Test Bundle ($49.99), or individually at the listed price.

You can also buy the CELBANPrep Writing and Speaking courses separately, or bundled together.

People buy based on what they can afford. If they do not have money saved up I recommend they start with the reading and listening study guides, at only $4.99.Β  For others with more resources I recommendΒ  the courses: one at a time if they don’t have money, or together if they can afford it.

CELBANPrepΒ PlatinumΒ is a bundle with all of the resources: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

So, J, it depends on how much time and money you have. The sooner you start your preparations, the sooner you are to passing the exam and becoming a nurse.

Does this help?

2 responses to “What is the best and most complete reviewer [for the CELBAN] you have?

  1. Hi Kim! Im planning to take CELBAN last quarter of this year. But the thing is I still don’t know how to start preparing. I’ve read about your CELBAN prep Gold. How long does it take to finish that and how much is that? Hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    • Dear Rio,
      It is great that you are asking these questions now, with time to prepare for the exam.
      CELBANPrep Gold is a special bundle that is only available as a one day sale two times a year. It includes the CELBANPrep Writing and Speaking Courses and the CELBANPrep Reading and Listening resources. During the rest of the year these same resources are available individually or in other bundles.

      How to start preparing depends on the resources you have available to you. If you can only spare a few dollars, I suggest starting with the CELBANPrep Study Guides for Reading and Listening for only $4.99. The required score for listening is 10, so starting early is the best thing you can do to increase your score.

      Second, although CELBANPrep Writing is 8 lessons in 8 weeks, for some people it takes longer than that. There is a mid session evaluation, and some people take more than 4 weeks to pass it. Others, who are really strong when it comes to grammar, can go through the lessons at a quicker pace. So, CELBANPrep Writing really is catered to your skills and abilities. If grammar is a weakness, start as soon as you can. In all situations allow at least 3 months to prepare for CELBAN Writing.

      But this also depends on how much time you have to study. A person who has several hours a day will advance quicker that for someone who has time management issues: balancing work, family, friends and self.

      For more information please go to http://www.celbanprep.info. Click on the Register button to get to the signup page with the course listing. Also, go to http://www.celban.info for your free How to Prepare for the CELBAN.
      Thanks for writing, Rio!
      I hope you choose to join!

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