How much if I will ask you for a once a week [CELBAN Preparation] writing tutorials?

Dear Kim,

how much if I will ask you for a once a week writing tutorials? Im planning to take the CELBAN on June 2013



Dear J,

CELBANPrep Writing is a course.

CELBAN Writing uses nursing contexts to evaluate English writing skills. Writing tasks can include writing incident reports or writing assessments. Both incident and assessment reports are part of CELBANPrep.

* 8 lessons
* 8 weeks
* personalized feedback
* write a report in 20 minutes
* improve your score

The course is required to learn the format and expectations of the exam as well as to develop the test taking strategies that allow you to write a complete report in 20 minutes. The course is a foundation for the CELBANPrep Writing Tutoring.

you get:

one-on-one tutoring,
to learn about your own personal weaknesses,
to learn ways to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

With added tutoring you learn, through practice, how to increase your score.

These quotes are from the website.

The fees are listed at Become a fan on facebook or twitter, to get updates on sales.

With the exam date in June, it is a good time for you to be working on your writing now. It is essential for you to be practicing for 30 minutes a day.

For more resources please go to and Writing Sample for CELBAN.

6 responses to “How much if I will ask you for a once a week [CELBAN Preparation] writing tutorials?

  1. Dear Kim,
    I am really interested with your writing tutorial ,can I take the course like only for 4 weeks .

    • Dear Dan,
      Information about CELBANPrep Writing can be found at Here you learn that the course is 8 lessons in 8 weeks. It can not be shortened, and often people need more time to complete the course. If you have an exam within one month, it is advised that you pay to have it postponed so that you can be prepared. Please read the blog posts entitled WARNING. Use the search function to find them. This will help you make the decision: especially WARNING: Avoid the CELBAN Trap!


  2. thank you for the very informative resources that you’ve just send it with me i appreciate it very much…can you please send it to me again the reading and listening as well that you’ve send me coz i dont know what happened it was deleted on my file, sorry for that….

  3. i just want to improve my writing and speaking as well, in preparing for my CELBAN exam.can you help me with it?

    • Dear Vicky,
      Yes, indeed. I can help you with both CELBAN writing and speaking. Please go to for information about the courses available to you. If you sign up for the free resources at you will receive coupons for sales on CELBANPrep resources. Sales happen twice a month. Coupon Codes for CELBANPrep come as an e-mail.

      Hope this helps!

    • Yes, Vicky

      There are two courses: CELBANPrep Writing and CELBANPrep Speaking. Writing is 8 lessons in 8 weeks. Speaking is 4 lessons in 4 weeks. You can purchase them individually or in a bundle. Your lessons start right after you subscribe. Each lesson includes assignments and one-on-one personalized feedback. Please see for more information about the courses.

      Looking forward to helping you to prepare for the exam!

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