I just feel really nervous and hesitant about Celban… score of 10 in listening.

Dear Kim,
How are you? I just feel really nervous and hesitant about Celban since they are requiring a score of 10 in listening. Is that a perfect score? and I am really frustated because I really can’t access your free study guide (E-book). I don’t know the reason. Maybe it is because I can’t download the Adobe Acrobat.
I hope you can give me other ways on how to access the free study guide.
Thank you so much kim.
Sincerely, V
Dear V,
If you are nervous about the scores, you have every reason to be. It is not possible to go into an exam that you know nothing about, and feel confident. It is not possible to enter an exam in which you have not prepared for, and feel confident. Both and understanding of the format and expectations of the exam as well as a great deal of preparation will allow you to enter the exam with confidence.Yes, a 10 in listening is a very high score, near perfect. Let me explain. A score of about 5 is equal to a junior high level of English, meaning that you can get along well in life in Canada: speaking, listening writing and reading. A 7-8 is more like a high school level, where you have a greater vocabulary and explore more rich reading and listening content. A 10 is at the university level: meaning you feel comfortable in reading and listening to academic and medical documentation. To increase your confidence on the exam, you need to expand your skills by reading and listening to progressively more difficult and more rich content. This is the only way to prepare and increase your score. I recommend you check out:

The Study Guides are only $4.99.

I am sorry you have had troubles accessing your free resources, How to Prepare for the CELBAN. I have created this video to help you.

  1. Did you click on the link or the cover of the book?
  2. Do you haveΒ  Adobe Flash Player ? It is FREE, just click on the link.
  3. Do you haveΒ  Adobe Acrobat? It is also FREE, just click on this link
Β Also,
  • Are you using an iPhone or iPad? They do not support Adobe Flash Player.

After you have gone through this process of troubleshooting, try this link. It should be working for you.

Please let me know how it goes!



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