!! I am so happy to tell you that I passed my CELBAN exam!

Kim! I am so happy to tell you that I passed my CELBAN exam! I took the examination last Oct 11 and it’s good for CARNA. I got 10 for listening and reading while I got 7 for writing and 8 for speaking. CARNA approved my application and I am just waiting for instructions. Thank you Kim for the encouragement, support and all the things that you had taught me! I will email you soon and tell you what’s happening in nursing career! God Bless you more! A

Dear A,
We had our speaking conference call last night, and I saw your name and wondered how you were doing. Then I got this e-mail. I am so happy for you! You worked diligently to learn and apply what I taught, but you also came well prepared with a really high competency when it came to your English. For you what you needed was to understand the format of the exam and to understand the implications of the Canadian culture on the exam. I am so happy you got the results you did!

With you being out in the west your next step will be the SEC. To prepare please go to the local library to find out how to take books out from your nearest college or university. Then go to the university and borrow books on the following:

  • ethics
  • community nursing
  • clinical communications in nursing

When you feel ready, call Mount Royal, the place where you take the SEC, and see if there have been cancellations. If your exam is far into the future you can take it earlier by doing this. Remember that the SEC is to evaluate your skills and knowledge compared to a recent Canadian educated graduate. If you have weaknesses you will be required to take classes. Classes start in January and September, so if you can take your exam with enough time for it to be scores and the results to get to CARNA (CRNBC in BC), you can save time. Otherwise if you can not get in for January you will have to wait to September!

At all times, Ann, please stay in touch and let me know how things are going!



2 responses to “!! I am so happy to tell you that I passed my CELBAN exam!

  1. hi kim this is aurora looking for review for celban. I am planning to take celban this coming december if possible. so, could you please help me for this. Thanks

    • Dear Aurora,
      Welcome! Thank you for your question. December is so soon there is very little time for you to prepare!

      Please read the following posts here on Dear Kim:
      * Word of WARNING: the tragic consequences ofΒ procrastination
      * WARNING: Overconfidence can have detrimentalΒ effects.
      * WARNING: Avoid The CELBANΒ Trap!

      After reading these you will better understand how important it is to be prepared for the exam, as you only get three chances to take the exam! And your score will expire in two years, so you will need one chance available to you at that time. Many people have decided, as a result, to pay a small fee to postpone the exam to ensure there is more time for preparation. Otherwise, there you may want to review the CELBANPrep resources for listening, reading and speaking. You may have time to incorporate those, but CELBANPrep Writing is 8 lessons in 8 weeks. Go to http://www.celbanprep.info for more information and http://celbanprep.ca/amember/signup.php for bundles and fees.

      Does this help, Aurora?

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