CELBAN preparation in πŸ‡°πŸ‡· Korea and internationally

Updated 2021

i’m from korea and i’d stayed in Vancouver about 1 year

i went there and i came back to Korea this year

I’ve experience to take ILETS in general module for the permanent residence card but i’ve never taken celban

The score was listening 5.5 writing :5.5 writing:6 speaking: 5

I need to write the Celban to prove language proficiency

Dear E,

It is lovely to hear from you. How are you enjoying being back home? In all reality I think it is best for people do so all they can to improve their English and prepare for the exam overseas before coming here! You are very very wise!

In reviewing your score I have two recommendations:

  1. use all available resources to start preparing for the Academic version of IELTS, or
  2. use all available resources to improve your English.

Your scores are acceptable for conversation and for immigration, and are equivalent to a high school level of English. This is really very good. However, the scores required by the colleges of nursing are at a higher level of difficulty: from 7-10.

It takes time and effort to increase your score from 5’s and 6’s to 7, 8’s and 10.

I highly recommend that you continue to work on your English at an advanced level. Some suggestions are:

When you are achieving higher scores, closer to 7’s, then you will be better prepared to take the CELBANPrep Suite for Speaking and Writing in preparation for the CELBAN.

It is important to note that for some people it takes up to one or even two years to get an acceptable score on the English Proficiency exam to become a nurse in Canada.

For you, you get to prepare from the comfort of your home land surrounded by family and loved ones while making a high wage. For others doing the same preparation in Canada, as you may have experienced, many are coping with adapting to a new culture, homesickness and under-employment. Finding time to study, or money to pay for classes, is often the challenge for many people at various stages of the licensure process in Canada. So, although it make take time to prepare and eventually get the scores, you are in a better place with emotional, social and financial support you may not have if you were doing the same preparations in Canada.

I hope this guidance helps and points you into a successful direction.


EXPLORE CELBANPrep University!


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