☺ Year round admissions. Monthly start dates. Online courses that fit your schedule.

Hi dir Kim. I’m O

I’m writing to find out wether there is a preparation course on feb just before the exam  thanks a lot Kim

Dear O,

CELBANPrep is available when you are, where you are. We have: Year round admissions. Monthly start dates. Online courses that fit your schedule. This means, you begin the day you sign up. I recommend you sign up much earlier than just before the exam. CELBANPrep Writing is 8 lessons in 8 weeks, and often people need more time than that to learn how to identify their errors, and to learn how to correct them to increase their score. I have had several people who subscribed in February and just took their exam in September. Others signed up in September and took the exam in September. This is a highly stressful situation for most, and only those with really high English Communication skills can perform well on the exam with such little preparation. Considering that you are only allowed to take the CELBAN 3 times, it is important to make each attempt count, especially considering the exam will expire in 2 years, and the process takes longer than that to become an RN! Waiting to prepare for the exam may not be the best strategy.

What do you think?

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