I am scheduled to have my CELBAN next month

Hi Kim! Thank for your response.First of all, I’m a filipina.I’ve been here in Winnipeg since June of last year and this would be my first stop.I had my CLB asssessment 2 weeks after I arrived in here and the scores are Listening-7,Writing 5, Reading 6, and Speaking 7. It is my first time to take the Celban and I am scheduled to have it next month.I’ve been self-reviewing that’s why I’m really worried. I attended classes from MNU before but because conflict schedules I wasn’t able to attend the level 2 and 3 anymore. Please guide me and help me pass the examination cause I really want to pursue my nursing career.Thank you very much in advance. C

Dear C,
Welcome! Thank you for your message! Your scores are very telling, you have a listening score that is higher than most, but you will still need to take time daily to increase your score to a university level so that you can get the required 10. You will also need to dedicate time to reading as well. It will be important for you to find resources that are both academic and medical in nature to increase your vocabulary and speed.Β  I recommend you check out:

I highly recommend the Study Guides. They are only $4.99.

In all reality, because you are only allowed to take the CELBAN 3 times, I would recommend you seriously consider if you will be able to pass this time. If you do not think you can get a 10 in listening and the required scores in the other areas I highly recommend you postpone the exam, and make arrangements to attend either level 2 and 3 at MNU or CELBANPrep or both. In one month I can help you to prepare for speaking, but I would not be able to help you with writing as it is 8 weeks long. Some people take longer to improve their grammar to be able to pass the mid session evaluation. Also increasing your score in listening and reading will take time and preparation.

With that said, it is possible for you to take the exam for the first time to get an understanding of what it is like, and to identify your weaknesses. But if you do that you MUST ensure that you are confident you will pass the exam when taking it the second time. You will only have one chance left, which you will need when your exam expires in two years.

Please consider these things, C, and let me know what you think.



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