♥ Thank you for this chance of having a personal interaction with you

Dear Kim,

    Thank you for this chance of having a personal interaction with you. I think I overlooked this email of yours so I was not able to reply at once.  I am an international filipino nurse who migrated together with my son and husband who is a filipino nurse like I me. We came last year’s 24th of September so we are almost in our 1st anniversary as immigrants. Our entry was through Federal Skilled Worker so initially we  did not have any friends neither were relatives. We decided to migrate in Manitoba out of our Internet research on which city can we settle in with the least lifestyle expenses.  Based from our research during that time,  the first was Saskatchwen and Manitoba was next.
    As of the moment my husband and I have not yet made any moved in our nursing career. I already finished my health care aide challenge diploma and I graduated with honour just this June of this year but unfortunately I am not practicing.  My husband has a full time work everyday from 8am till 4pm and extend some more on his part time job until 11 in the evening. He also works 8am until 8 pm during weekend. As for me, I accompany our only child at his school and so I volunteer at his school for halfday everyday. My real compensated job as Personal Support worker is from Friday until Sunday 8PM until 8AM.
    The goal of pursuing my nursing profession here in Canada is a humongous challenge for me. To be honest I am not a person of high self confidence. As an only child in my family before I have my mom to push me and she was behind all my success. I graduated two professions in the Our country . She was so selfless that she even initiated this Canada migration of my own family for she believed that as nurses my husband and I will succeed more in Canada.This is my first time to be away from her and my dad too. Everyday I am hurting inside knowing that I left my aging parents behind. I am  also very much aware that becoming a Canadian nurse can help me to be able to reunite with them for such will suffice the finances needed.
    Miss Kim my CLB was flat 8 but as I have told you my self confidence is very low and I believe that CELBAN is much different from the CLB.The next open for CELBAN in winnipeg would be February of 2013.  Please help me and thank you very much.
Dear S, I so appreciate the time you took to write the reply.. and your appreciation for a personal interaction. I am glad that you have taken this opportunity.. and yes, I am here!I was quite young when I moved from Montreal to Edmonton. At that time air travel was expensive, there was no internet and phone calls were short. It was extremely difficult for me to be away from my sister and grandmother who remained in Montreal. It took a long time, but eventually the pain and longing went away, and I have considered myself an Albertan for some time. So I completely understand. Which is why I have created CELBANPrep. Many people are telling me that they have found friends and a community here. You are at the beginning of building a community but many people have found friends and support here… as you will see when you read some of my posts on my blog. https://dear-kim.com/tag/encouragement/.

One day, like me, you will be able to turn your pain into a gift of empathy for others. You will be able to touch their lives. and you will be able to tell stories to your son of your courage and strength. He will find strength in your stories and go on to do wonderful things.

Whatever is happening, S, you need to find the strength and courage that lives inside of you. You need to build that fire and make it strong. Becoming a nurse here in Canada is not easy. There will be many barriers and frustrating times. But, you can make it. You will make it. All you need is to find that courage and to build it.

It is wonderful that you and your husband are both RNs. This will allow you to study together! In the mean time please go visit the Manitoba Nurses Union. I hear they are providing amazing things for IENs in Manitoba. Then let me know how it goes.

Pick your chin up, S. Things always look brighter when you look up!


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