!! I am very grateful to God and I feel blessed because HE guided me to CELBANPrep.

Kim, one more thing, I just got my CELBAN TEST RESULT:
Listening 10, Reading:9, Writing: 7, speaking:8  IS THAT THE PASSING SCORE? because it is not writen on the paper that I got if I passed or not !
I found on the website that I passed but I am not sure if the website is updated and what I found is the passing score!

Thanks, A.

Dear A,
As for the scores here are the requirements for Alberta, which are the highest and the same in BC and Sask:

Listening 10
Reading 8
Writing 7
Speaking 8

You did it! Now you can celebrate!


P.S. As of August 2014 the new national requirements are here.)


Thanks Kim for your quick reply.

I am so glad because I passed the Celban! I really wouldn’t have succeeded without all your help and support. I am very thankful because
you made me feel more confident in myself and you helped me take the first step to start my nursing studies and achieve my goals in Canada.
Beside this, I am very grateful to God and I feel blessed because he guided me to CELBANPrep.

In the end, I would like to say something for everyone who didn’t succeed in Celban exam:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” and we never fail until we stop trying.


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