♫ Congratulations to you as your student cleared his exam.

Hi Kim,

Congratulations to you as your student cleared his exam. It was possible with your guidance and support. My scores L 10, R 10, W 7 and S 8. Not a single spelling mistake, though I missed place of incident but the end result was good.

Once again thanks a lot.

Regards M.
Dear M,
What perfect scores!
I am so glad you are on step closer to your dream of being a nurse in Canada!
You came to CELBANPrep so well prepared, with dedication and determination to succeed! I am so glad that you were able to make contacts through the Speaking Conference Call, and that you were able to practice even the day before the exam.
Your dedication is a gift to the people of Canada!
It has been a joy working with you!

5 responses to “♫ Congratulations to you as your student cleared his exam.

  1. I recently registered for my CELBAN exams, and would like to subscribe to your Test Preparation. Kindly let me know
    How to go about enrolling, and how much.


    • Hello Margaret,
      I am smiling! You are persistent.
      I am glad that you did the research, you have the free resources from http://www.celban.info, and we have been able to communicate through e-mails.
      All the best to you!

  2. hi kim, i am really very tense because i got my celban score on 20 nov,2012 as 7 in w, 9 in r,8 in s, and 9 in l .nw i get my date for 2nd time test of celban in feb,2013.plz let me knw what should i do know to get success. thanx

  3. It was a special conference for me as I was able to meet few people such as A, G and M. I was just able to do only one conference call due to late enrollment, but this call boost my confidence. Thanks for all people who corrected to me in my speaking. It wOuld have been not possible without your support.

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