► What makes CELBANPrep different…

Dear Kim,

Thank you for correcting my errors and for understanding my situation [for my writing tutorial]. I am doing my best to keep up.


ImageDear M,

You are very welcome. This is what makes CELBANPrep different from other courses and programs. It was created by someone who really understands what it is like to find a balance with family, school, work and self. Often the school and self come last. But I am here to remind you to find balance, and a little time here and there to take care of yourself and remember your future. You are here to make a better life for your children, which can only happen as you continue to keep your goals in mind. Otherwise poverty in a rich country is the alternative. I simply do not want that for you, your children, your family. You did not come to Canada to live that kind of existence.


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