♥ i planned to go for LPN, then i will go for RN

Hi Kim,
thanks to reply my question. i want to know that if i will buy these material now can i use this after 4-5 months because first i planned to go for LPN so i am going for clb so after LPN i will go for RN then i will prepare CELBAN plz suggest me you have better experience. i m new here i dont know how i will be successful in my field … thanks for help. A.

Dear A,

You have great questions! Can you remind me of where you are living? If you do not have any contacts there, to help answer some of your questions I might be able to help you connect with someone.

First I can tell you are a wise person, because you have already learned enough about the process to make some good decisions. Becoming an RN takes time. Becoming an LPN first is beneficial for many reasons:

  • required scores are lower
  • it takes less time
  • you can increase your wages more quickly
  • you can get experience in a Canadian medical facility that will help you when you go through the process of becoming an RN.

For some related topics about becoming an RN/LPN you can click here.

The thing to understand is:

  • in most provinces you need to take the CELBAN for both LPN and RN. (They accept CLB as an entrance but not for licensure. Check your provincial College of LPNs to find out their language requirements.)
  • the required scores for LPN are lower than RN.
  • many of the programs for IENs to become LPNs have CELBAN preparation classes.
  • not all nurses enrolled in an LPN program pass the CELBAN after taking the courses, some can not do their practicum until they get a high enough score.
  • English exam scores expire after two years, so you will have to take the exam again at some point.
  • You can only take the CELBAN 3 times!

What that means is, you can prepare for the CELBAN at any time, and it will help both processes. It also means it is important to make sure you do not waste opportunities with the exam. I know IENs who could not become a nurse because they failed the CELBAN three times. The Academic IELTS is still an option, but the same rules apply: 2 year expiry and only 3 times. I personally know two people who did both exams 3 times and failed each time. Shattered dreams are the consequence of not preparing for the exam to the best of your ability. Shattered dreams are also the consequence of a person taking the exam again and again wanting a higher score, without the work required to master a language.

To become an RN you need to have scores from 8-10. This is a University level. Only time, practice and much effort can bring a person to that kind of score, especially with scores from 5-7.

So in answer to your question, the earlier you begin the preparations, the better your outcome.

CELBANPrep will be around in the future. Sales will also be available. So if you want to wait 4-5 months, that is fine too.

One of the hardest things about adapting to life in Canada for many immigrants is making decisions for themselves. Often decisions have been made by the government or by parents and family. Having confidence in your decisions is imperative for a nurse in Canada. Deciding when to take CELBANPrep, deciding when to take CELBANPrep are two decisions that you get to make during your process of learning how to make wise decisions. Finding out as much information before making the decision is very wise. Knowing how to discern the quality and value of the information received requires critical thinking skills. Understanding the consequences of choices often helps to make decisions with confidence. Making a choice that has unwanted or undesired outcomes is often part of the learning process teaching us to:

  • do more research,
  • be more discerning with the information we gather,
  • learn about the possible outcomes of each option.

So I can not advise you one way or another. I can not take away your agency, ability to make your own choices. But I can provide information so that you can make wise decisions with confidence. Whether you subscribe to CELBANPrep now or later you can make this decision either way with confidence because what you need in your situation is different from what other people need in the same situation ~ and only you can determine what is best for you.

I hope that these answers help you to make wise educated decisions with confidence.



3 responses to “♥ i planned to go for LPN, then i will go for RN

  1. Thank you for the good information and is very true decisions are personal and everybody have differents reasons and goals but in the same time this is a good guide to follow and making better decision now and in the future

    • Thanks for your comment, Milagro. I appreciate that you took the time to comment… and the time to read!


    • Dear Mila,
      It is wonderful to read your comment! When I met you at 7 Things you MUST Know to Pass the CELBAN I knew I knew your name but could not place you. I looked in my inbox, and could not find the e-mails. When I opened Dear Kim today, I smiled to see your name here with your comment!

      Please feel free to contact me whenever you need!

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