Add a comment about Speaking Conference Calls?

Hi Kim,
Of course, my pleasure to add a comment [about Speaking Conference Calls].
It was great talking to you and to other people from accross Canada. Interesting experience! Your feedback is appreciated Kim.Β AndΒ it is good to hear others peopleΒ feedback too. This is a good way to learn more and to see where you are,Β whatΒ are your weaknesses and strengths (see Kim, I did use open-ended questions :) happy).
Thank you Kim for your initiative of having Speaking Conference.
I’m thankful to God for knowing you and for finding about CelbanPrep over the internet. Thanks for all your help and support. Thanks for your dedication and willingness to help people in time of their need. May you be blessed and rewarded from above! Only unselfish people with a big heart, can do that.

5 responses to “Add a comment about Speaking Conference Calls?

  1. Dear Kim
    So far i have waited for quite a while for your help and assistance in the speaking and writing components but unable to get a response.I’m scheduled for the CELBAN in October in coming six weeks .Although i know and have appeared in IELTS aNd have scored well in my home country but now I have enrolled for CELBAN coz immigrants take time to adjust here and I think that its easier than IELTS.

    Can you please offer me a discount bundle for only 4 weeks in speaking and writing…..

    Looking anxiously for your positive and prompt reply.

    • Dear Elizeh,
      While CELBANPrep Speaking is 4 lessons in 4 weeks, CELBANPrep Writing is 8 lessons in 8 weeks. CELBANPrep Writing has two parts: Level One (lessons 1-4) and Level Two (lessons 5-8). To go from Level One to Level Two you have to pass the mid-session evaluation. Some people take more than 4 weeks to get to that point, before they can start the next level. So, instead of taking less than 8 weeks, many people need more than 8 weeks to complete the course. But it depends on your weaknesses and how long it takes to turn to strengths.
      In addition, the sale for the courses will not happen for a while, it will be too late for you.

  2. Hi Dear Kim,
    Sorry I couldnot finish the conference call because my daughter was upset. Anyway I got lots of information from that, how to ask questions in role plays, how to evaluate and educate the patient while giving discharge instructions.Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Kim ,
    I would like to join the conference tomorrow can you pls confirm the time . I live in Alberta, I hope to hear from you.. The last time I attended the conference call I can hear your conversations , unfortunately my speaker is not working ..that’s why you can’t hear me. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot of things even-though I can’t share my ideas. Truly, your method of teaching is effective,,thank you very much..more power!

    Sincerely Yours,

  4. Dear Kim
    I want to appreciate you for the great conference call which you hold. It was amazing. It was my first time attending conference call, and I learned what is going on during speaking exam. I also have found my weaknesses in speaking part. In total, I have got a vivid image of the celban speaking session.

    Best Regards

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