How many CELBAN sample test am I going to receive

Updated 2021

I subcribe for CELBANPrep. may i know how many [CELBAN] sample test am i going to receive. 
Thank you very much.


Dear A,

Thank you for your question. Thank you also for purchasing CELBANPrep.

Before I answer your question, I have a few of my own to ask you:

  1. Why do you want sample tests? What do you hope that having sample tests will do for you?
  2. When you use sample tests, what do you learn?
    • Do you learn about the design of the test? and test taking strategies?
    • Or do you learn reading, writing, listening and speaking skills? 
    • What are you really practicing?
  3. Has having sample tests and practice tests, in the past, helped you to get the required score. 

My guess is that the answer to #3 is, “No.”

Having sample tests and practice tests have not helped you to get the required score on the exam.

All that you learn by taking the sample tests and practice exams over and over again is test taking strategies.

You aren’t really learning the skills you need to pass the exam. You aren’t really learning how to read, how to write, how to speak or how to listen in moderately demanding to demanding situations. And that is what you need to do on the CELBAN exam. 

I often get feedback and reviews from people who think that taking practice exams and sample tests over and over again is a good strategy. They say that what I have created is not good. They say that there are not enough practice exams and sample questions.

  • But, what they do not know, understand, or realize is that what they want and expect is not how we teach or assess learning in Canada.
  • What they do not know is that how they have been taught to study is not an effective way to pass the CELBAN. 

You can not simply memorize your way through the CELBAN. You have to actually demonstrate skills and applied knowledge. You have to demonstrate your level of competency with certain skills. 

And the level of those skills is measured as a “Benchmark”, which is the B in CELBAN and CLB. 

The CELBANPrep Method

The way that I teach, the CELBANPrep Method, is unlike many methods used both outside and inside Canada because it is skill based, it is competency based, it is based on increasing your skills so that you can obtain a higher benchmark. 

Instead of providing multiple CELBAN sample tests and CELBAN practice exams I actually teach you how to create your own questions. 

I teach you to create your own questions for:

  • Writing Task 1
  • Writing Task 2, and
  • All of the Speaking tasks. 

When it comes to reading and listening I teach you skills for you to interpret communications correctly, irregardless of their source, whether the context is:

  1. Interacting with Others,
  2. Getting Things Done,
  3. Interpreting Instructions, or
  4. Understanding Information. 

That is what you are required to do on the CELBAN.

In this way you access to CELBAN test questions is limitless. And, if your imagination does not work that way now, I teach you how to generate ideas quickly and easily not only so that you can create your own test questions but also so that you can generate ideas quickly and easily for CELBAN Speaking and Writing. 

Erase the myth that doing practice exams and sample tests over and over again will get you to where you are going. 

That belief system is slowing you down, standing in your way, and stopping you from obtaining your dreams. 

Try the CELBANPrep Method. It actually works! Check out these testimonials. 


Save time and Money. Explore CELBANPrep University. 

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