FYI: FREE English Videos

Dear Kim

Hey there, I hope everything are going well…here is no mush, just busy with work and extra shifts. We still got no snow yet in Denmark, that kind of weird… but we still hope for a withe Christmas :). 
Thanks for you last reply, I did look into to about the job offers and situations and was helpful as a kick start to search.
I use also Dear Kim to read others posts.

Right now I´m using a web site call to approve my English. I don´t know if you already know it, if not, give it a check. It is a very good learning web site. And IS FREE 🙂
Thanks for your help.

Have a nice day :).

One response to “FYI: FREE English Videos

  1. I checked this out briefly, the fact that there are many teachers, and it is advanced is great. Also check out the English section on I use this for another class I am teaching. Kim

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