Will CELBANPrep fit my Schedule?

Hi Kim
I am glad that CELBAN Prep e-mail got to me. I am really struggling
with my writing and it is the reason why I failed twice celban test
just for one point. I also was looking for a preparation course to
improve my writing skills because right now it is the only thing that
is holding me back. Mean while I got a job…
But I have this rotation schedule problem that do not alow me to
attend neither full or part time course. Although I am willing to use
my days off on my preparation for CELBAN. Then myquestion is, is these
CELBANPrep flexible enough for me to be able to take advantage of it?
Thank you very much on every IENs name for put together this program.
I looking forward for your answer.
Thank you,

This e-mail was received at CELBANPrep from one of the Internationally Educated Nurses that had attended one of the earlier CELBAN Prep classes. Due to her schedule she was not able to attend the classes that were scheduled. The result was that she took the exam without support and preparation. Not passing the exam is difficult for many reasons:

  1. time lost
  2. the loss of money paying for the exam again and again
  3. only three chances are given
  4. the damage to self esteem: many IENs are deeply impacted by a low score.

Following was my answer to her:

Dear IEN,

I am so very glad to hear from you! I am sorry to hear the news about not passing twice. You seemed so confident. And only by one point, what a heart break! I can tell you this:

I created CELBANPrep for you – and others like you – knowing how difficult was for you and other IENs to attend regular classes. CELBANPrep fits into every schedule, but it requires your dedication and self discipline. Right after you sign up you can start the tutorial. You will get access to the whole site: writing, reading, listening, speaking. Each week you will get an e-mail with tips, information, and encouragement. You can read the e-mail and the lesson on-line when you have the time: even if it is 2:00 am! Assignments are given with the expectation that you do the assignment throughout the week. The more examples you do, it is best once a day, the more you benefit.
Each week builds a skill that is vital for the next lesson. The more you post on the forum, the more comments and feedback that I can give, the better your writing will get.

Thank you for expressing your gratitude for all IENs. I hope that people realize how hard I have worked to create something that supports their dreams of life in Canada: including you.  Keep in touch. I am so glad I can still travel on your journey, to being a nurse in Canada!

Can I use your question on-line? I will not put your name.

Sincerely, Kim

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