How do I prepare for the SEC/CNIB?

Hi im taking my SEC assessment. Have read your comments and stuffs.. Can you please site a SPECIFIC question being asked in the triple Jump assessment. I have SEEN examples already in the CARNA website, but i need to know more SPECIFIC questions or scenarios being asked. I hope if you dont mind post some tips. toff.
Please message me to share ur experince in ur SEC.. we need to help each other

from X24lubina (

Many IENs want to know how to prepare for the SEC/CNIB. Here are some suggestions to assist you in your studies.

SEC Resources

There are many resources available to prepare for the CES/CBIA, but you may not know where to find them. Here are some tips: go to the library, look into interlibrary loans.

Go to the library is one of the cheapest most accessible ways of acquiring materials to study for the SEC/CNIA and the CRNE (you actually do both at the same time). Although you may not be able to find current or useful books at the public library you can look into inter-library loans. Through an inter-library loan you may be able to borrow books from a university or college (sometimes for a fee, sometimes free.)

In Alberta you can ask for an Alberta Card at your local public library. Then, with your Alberta Card you can go to the university or college that teaches nursing to Canadians or IENs to borrow books. Make sure to ask for your PIN number, so you can renew.

Talk to your librarian at your local public library for more tips and suggestions.

Many IENs have common weaknesses. It is good to start studying the following topics even as you prepare for your English exam, or CELBAN. Focus on:

  • Community Nursing in Canada,
  • Mental Health, and
  • Communications in Nursing.

Ensure that when you study you are also visiting clinics and talking to registered nurses. Ask them about some situations they might face and how they would deal with them. See if their answers are consistent with what is in the text books.

Triple Jump

In speaking to a friend who teaches nursing at a university, she told me that Triple Jumpsare common practice in evaluating the skills and abilities of nurses in Canada. Keeping this in mind, researching Triple Jumps at your local nursing college or university is a good way of understanding the process: what is required and what is expected.

It is important to remember two things:

  • Your triple jump in in the SEC setting so all the resources are made available to you in the room, and
  • You have a shorter amount of time to complete the multiple tasks.

Learning more about the triple jump allows you to have a greater understanding of how Canadian nurses are trained to think and expected to act. Communication skills, reflective skills, research skills and having a desire to learn more are vital in nursing in Canada. Understanding these elements early will greatly improve your time management in preparation for the national CRNE, the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam.

You may need to think creatively about how to find out more about Triple Jumps:

  • books are more likely in the section for nurses that are becoming teachers;
  • you may need to look in academic journals for some ideas;
  • ask your university or college librarian

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