Does CELBANPrep really help Internationally Educated Nurses?

Yes! CELBANPrep is not a scam: CELBANPrep really helps IENs. Internationally Educated Professionals come from around the world to Canada, filled with dreams, to start a new life. Many Internationally Educated Professionals, have come to Canada will both education and experience. Many are trusting, yet others feel the burden of being a foreigner in a foreign land.

Learning the lay of the land is difficult for everyone, regardless of profession. This can be said for International Medical Graduates, Internationally Educated Lawyers, Internationally Educated Accountants, Internationally Educated Physiotherapists, Internationally Educated Teachers, Internationally Educated Veterinarians and Internationally Educated Nurses. Like all other professions, Internationally Educated Nurses are required to pass an English Proficiency exam with a score equal or over the score required by licensure bodies. There are many different English Proficiency Exams: TOEFL, IELTS, Melab and the CELBAN.

The CELBAN is the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Internationally Educated Nurses. It is distinct from other exams for two reasons. It has been crated specifically for:

  1. Canada, and
  2. Internationally Educated Nurses.

CELBANPrep shows that for these and other reasons the CELBAN is the easiest exam for nurses.

Embedded in the CELBAN is the Canadian Culture. Although Internationally Educated Nurses are not being evaluated on their medical knowledge, they are being evaluated on how they communicate verbally. Depending on the country of origin, an Internationally Educated Nurse may reply to a question in a very different manner from a Canadian Nurse. CELBANPrep prepares Internationally Educated Nurses for these questions: to think like a Canadian Nurse.

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