Can CELBANPrep evaluate our performance?

Dear Kim,

I want to suggest if it will be possible for you to incorporate some samples of real CELBAN exam in the site so that we can practice and you evaluate our performance.

I appreciate your efforts so far. (posted with permission)
This question came from an Internationally Educated Nurse. Although she came form an English speaking country and all of her education was in English she was required to take the CELBAN from her licensure body/provincial college. Following is my reply.
Dear IEN,

It would be great to do that, but it is not possible for several reasons:

1. Where I have a background in education, and teaching English communication, in addition to the technical internet/computer parts I am not trained in CELBAN Assessment. Even if I was, they would not allow me to do that. There are strict rules for CELBAN Assessors, as with any exam.
2. CELBAN has created an assessment test. You can take an assessment test online for free on the CELBAN site
3. With CELBANPrep and IEPC I do not want to replicate what others are doing, but fill in gaps where services are needed.

I have studied the CELBAN Assessment test thoroughly, creating mock examples of what you can expect on the exam for all components: writing, reading, listening, speaking. When you follow the instructions given, you will be able to do each task in a timed fashion. Because of this you will have a familiarity when you do write the exam, and the time managment skills to complete the exam in a timely fashion. The more you post your assignments on the forum the more feedback I can offer you to assist you in preparing for the CELBAN. IENs that have taken CELBANPrep have increased their score tremendously through feedback.

Creating an Exam like the CELBAN takes a great deal of time, and it is a relatively new test when compared to the other ones. As it is CELBAN only have a few versions of the actual exam, which is why people have to wait before rewriting it. It is different for the TOEFL and IELTS that has been around for a long time with lots of versions and study aids.

That is why CELBAN Prep is so valuable: there are no other resources available that help Internationally Educated Nurses prep for the CELBAN.

The CELBAN Assessment through the testing centres is already set up to do a practice exam, based on one they have from the CELBAN organization. I recommend you schedule a time to take the Assessment before you take the exam to see how you do and to identify strengths and weaknesses. If you take it before CELBAN Prep you will know where to focus, if you take it after CELBANPrep you will be able to enter the exam with confidence.

I hope this helps!


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