About Dear Kim

Dear Kim has been created to provide reliable accurate information in answer to common questions Internationally Educated Nurses have about the licensure process, or how to become a registered nurse in Canada.
Dear Kim seek to provide:
  • accurate,
  • reliable, and
  • trustworthy information.

In this wayΒ I hope to create connections that support your dreams of life in Canada.



Kim Kara brings a wealth of experience and education including a Master in Education with 10 years in Adult Education, 6 years in Communication and Facilitation.

Her experience includes:Β balancing a variety of roles as adviser, educator, facilitator, needs assessor, and role model while expressing creativity and flexibility tempered by organization and time management; creating liaisons with licensure bodies, employers, government officials, non-profit organizations, businesses, professors and other stakeholders; and, participating as an active member of various boards both in academia and in the community.

Working with IEPs

Working with Internationally Educated Professionals has allowed her to do so while tapping into a passion. In this context she thoroughly enjoys councilling a wide range of individuals with various backgrounds, histories and education about the Canadian context of career planning, work search, and continuing education. Coupled with exemplary communication skills, and outstanding customer service, Kim provides Internationally Educated Professionals with encouragement, council and information that empowers them to resolve problems and face barriers that arise during both the licensure process and adapting to life and work in Canada.

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