What is difference between CELBAN and CAEL


I am fine thanx. I am from india and i arrived on 5th november this year. first time i came to canada ie winnipeg. I have given IELTS in india and weak in writing. Ihave not given CELBAN before. Iam a nurse and i want to be a registered nurse of canada . one question is there in my mind that what is difference between CELBAN and CAEL (canadian academic english language)


Dear R,

Wow! Welcome to Canada! Are you ever in for an adventure! You might be interested in the book I will be launching in December called Surviving Winter in Canada, I was thinking of people like you when I wrote it: people new to the country and arriving in winter! Alas, it has been pretty mild right now so that is good.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with the other English exams. What I do know is what I have been told by people, that the CELBAN is easier because all of it is about nursing. As I understand it, where CAEL used to be accepted in many of the provinces by Colleges of Nurses it is no longer so. At this time, for most provinces, IENs are limited to the CELBAN or IELTS; even the TOEFL has been removed from the list for many provinces.

I am sorry I can not help you more with the CAEL, but hope that you find the CELBANPrep resources helpful to learn more about the CELBAN.


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