Its so nice here in Surrey

Hi Kim
Im good. Yourself? Yes its so nice here in Surrey, I love the place and the beautiful people here.
I am from the Philippines, I arrived here as PR October, 2011 under Federal Skilled Workers (Registered Nurses).
Surrey is my first stop, because my relatives are here.
Nope. IΒ haven’tΒ tried CLB nor CELBAN but i took IELTS (Academic) before and obtained the following scores…

Dear L,

You actually answered all ofΒ  my questions, even the ones I use to follow up!
Oh glorious Surrey! If there was a place where the Greek Gods would live, it would be there!

I just read two e-mails from people who arrived the same time you did, but are in Winnipeg. I told them about a book I wrote and am releasing shortly about surviving winter in Canada, but it is not the same in Surrey. All you need to survive is a good umbrella, rain boots, and a good coat! Not so in other parts of Canada, so you must have done something right in your life to be blessed to settle there! To have relative there too, your journey will be much easier than many others I have come to know.

Your scores are really good. No, I know they are not high enough for the CRNBC, but you have done well for yourself. I truly believe we should celebrate in our successes even if we do not reach the expectations of others. You will need to work on your reading, listening and writing though. If you get a hold of the CELBANPrep Study Guides on Amazon, it will be a great start. You will get tips for success, suggested resources, and information on active listening and reading in a medical or Canadian nursing context.


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