Can I take only writing test in CELBAN.

Updated 2021

Β  Β  As I have scored required band in IELTS in speaking,reading and listening,only writing module is outstanding.Can I take only writing test in CELBAN. J

This post was originally written in 2011. At that time IENs were permitted to redo only one portion of the exam, instead of retaking the entire exam. And yet, the written portion (reading, writing, and listening) were all together.Β 

Throughout the years policies have changed. In 2011 it was possible to take the speaking again, alone. But then that changed. Stay updated on current practices at:

But at no time was a policy created where you can mix scores from two different exams. You MUST get all 4 resquired score on one exam.

Dear J,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately the reading, writing and listening for the CELBAN come together in what is called the Group Exam.

  • For all of these skills (reading, writing and listening) the format of the exam is on paper in a room with other people taking the exam.
  • If you are taking the online version, the CELBAN-CBT, then you will have a proxy witness you as you take these three skills together and book a separate time for speaking.

In this way, writing, reading and listening are grouped together.

Speaking is different; the individual examinees sit in a room with two assessors. For this reason the speaking component is separate.

So, irregardless, if you want to just do the writing component: you will have to take all three components together, again. (Maybe even 4 depending on the most recent policy.)

But when it comes to the CELBAN material and CELBAN online courses you can take CELBANPrep writing separately.

Please note, people who have passed skills previously have been known to fail it when taking the exam again. For best results make sure you are preparing for the entire exam.


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