♥ I had been frustrated and very depressed…

Hi, Kim

This is  J. I hope you remember me. kkk
How are you doing??
I am writing this email to send a good news to you!!
As you now expect, I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just knew that a couple of days ago.
There was some problems with a transcript delivery so it took over a month to get the result. I had been frustrated and very depressed during that time thinking that I might fail the exam and do it again. Anyway, now I’m so happy and I wanna let you know this.( I’m sure you will be happy for me. kkk)
What I wanna say is I couldn’t make it if you were not there. Thank you  so much, Kim.
Writing lessons were very helpful indeed, but also I never forget your encouragement.
You can’t ever imagine how helpful your such words are.
That is because people are usually under a lot of pressure before the exam.
For me, it was tremendously  helpful and I could be confident thanks to you.
Speaking of the exam, I got 10 in listening and reading, 7 in writing, and 8 in speaking. How lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Kim.
I never forget your support.
Take care.
Dear J,

How could I ever forget you. You must know, everyone that I meet through CELBANPrep continues to be on my mind and in my heart. I always think of them and wonder how they are doing. So, I will do so with you too, now that you are done. I am so overjoyed to hear the news! You worked so hard, posting so many assignments and integrating the feedback. Your success is because of your diligence and dedication. Although your life has been busy you made the time, you made the sacrifices, and you kept your dream alive.

I am sorry that there were troubles with the transcript. Waiting for exam scores can be especially painful and frustrating. Some of my friends have to wait six months for their exam scores. Six months of not knowing! But even a few extra weeks can be stressful as your life is in limbo: without direction.

Your scores are tremendous, just like you. Please keep in touch, as you travel your path to becoming a nurse in Canada!


2 responses to “♥ I had been frustrated and very depressed…

  1. Hi Kim!
    Im so amazed with all the stories that i read in your blogs, that lead me to write you my story wondering maybe you can help me. T’was my dream to be a nurse when i was a kid!Luckily that. was year 2000,when I becme an RN in the Philippines.Due to financial struggles in our family,i went to Saudi Arabia to help my parents sending mu 4 other siblings to college and gaining experience too.That 7 years was so great for me as a nurse, especially i learned a lot. Then, I decided to come here in Canada under in a caregiver program year, that was 2007 .While i was in that program I took several times in ielts exam but failed.To make story short,I’ve been here now in Canada for almost 7 years and yet my road to become an RN here is still dim out and hoping you can be my light to pursue my dreams.I dont know how to start, im so desperate, frustrated ,hopeless especially i have a 2 year old baby boy now.But with all the stories from your previous studs my hopes reignited.
    My last IELTs exam result 2 years ago,reading & listening 6.5 , writting 6 , speaking, 7
    CLBPT result just recently:listening 8,Speaking 7,reading 8,writing 6
    I did not try Celban exam but Im planning to try at this time.
    Mr Kim, I really really need your help!Thank you

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