♥ The creation of my scenarios [for writing reports]

Dear Kim,

I found this scenario very easy, especially having the table. I think that in this way, the report can be done quicker. But it depends, of how difficult is the topic we have to write about.

Thanks for appreciating the creation of my scenarios [for writing reports]. I rated the pain like that, because the pain does not have the same intensity all the time.

I do not have yet an exam date, but I want to work with you at Speaking as well. And you are so kind giving me the opportunity to work with you for keeping the things fresh, until the exam pass. I really appreciate this! I can see how dedicated you are when comes to helping people to succeed. THANK YOU!


(CELBANPrep Subscriber)

Dear D,

It is great work, you are doing so well with your CELBANPrep writing assignments. Your dedication to yourself and your profession shows!

You are very welcome!

I completely understand the e-mails I get from people who question me/my business. I understand the fear of online scams. I understand the insecurity not meeting me. I understand how difficult it is to spend a large sum of money, for the CELBANPrep courses. I have done what I can to address these fears and concerns, yet I still have people who do not realize how committed I am to helping people succeed. So when you comment, like this, it impacts me deeply. It is wonderful to be known.

So thank you for taking a risk. Thank you for realizing how important it is to invest in your self by investing in your education and exam preparation.

Have a most wonderful weekend!


Dear Kim,

Thank you for your kind words!

You can take my appreciations for you and post them for people who are in doubt about CelbanPrep on line to see. They have to trust that there is commitment in you and your work. It is no trick, but is treat !!!

Have a shiny day!


One response to “♥ The creation of my scenarios [for writing reports]

  1. Thank you.

    I have posted them on Dear Kim.

    I was talking to a friend yesterday. She said that although there is so much negativity in the world, she still believes there are many people who are innately good in nature but we do not hear about these people because they are too busy doing good to take the time to tell other people about it…

    It is amazing, for me therefor, to receive your gifts of heart and spirit in your kind words and expressions of faith and gratitude. It transforms my hope in mankind to knowledge that there are many people in the world who are busy in their lives doing good for others.

    Shine on!

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