♥ I am so worry about my reading

Dear Kim,

My big problem is reading. I took one CELBAN test …  and i took CLBA test too. Both results were for reading 6. I need 8. I am so worry about my reading. I need to do lots of exercise I think. At CELBAN test I was ok with paragraph ,but i was not well for fill in blanks. I mean i did lots of mistakes for fill in the blanks. M

Dear M,

Thanks for letting me know about your weaknesses, concerns and fears.

Many people struggle with the fill-in-the-blanks. Not only is it a difficult task, it is made more difficult because you have to read a paragraph, with all these spaces, then look on another sheet for the answers. Just the organization of this part makes me think I would have difficulty. It takes practice, but it is also very important to increase your skills and knowledge of grammar and idioms/collocations. To do so check out the books on IEPC Press from the library.

Focusing on grammar helps you to increase your score in reading, speaking and writing.

It would also be good or you to get the Reading Study Guide. It is very inexpensive and has lots of links. When you feel stronger in your skills, then get the Reading Practice Exams. (It is the same idea for Listening Study Guides and Practice Exams.)

The CELBANPrep Speaking and Writing courses are different. It is easy to check your answers for reading and listening, to see how you are doing. But it is more difficult to evaluate yourself and know how to improve when it comes to writing and speaking. That is why the format is different. I used to have reading and listening as courses and assignments but most people did not do the assignments, so I got rid or that part. It also made it easier for me to make the reading and listening resources more affordable. So it seams like I focus more on one than the other, but this is not so.

Does this help?


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