♥ I am so worry about my [CELBAN] reading.

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,

My big problem is reading. I took one CELBAN test …  and i took CLBA test too. Both results were for reading 6. I need 8. I am so worry about my reading. I need to do lots of exercise I think. At CELBAN test I was ok with paragraph ,but i was not well for fill in blanks. I mean i did lots of mistakes for fill in the blanks. M

Dear M,

Thanks for letting me know about your weaknesses, concerns and fears.

It is important to know and understand what CELBAN Reading is all about. 

There are four components to the reading portion of the CELBAN exam:

  1. Interacting with Others,
  2. Understanding Instructions,
  3. Getting Thing Done, and
  4. Understanding Information. 

That means that for each of the tasks, those are the types of situations that you will be reading about and interperting. 

There are several things you will be required to do, demonstrate abilities when it comes to:

  1. grammar and vocabulary,
  2. correctly interpreting intent of the writer,
  3. having a sensitivity to social relationships and the Canadian culture: phrases, idioms, customs, and collocations. 
  4. assessing communication and communication break-downs. 

That is why many people struggle with getting a 10 in Listening, and/or getting the required score in the other three areas: speaking, reading, and/or writing. 

Two Common Mistakes on the CELBAN

There are two common mistakes people make when considering the CELBAN:

  • Some people think, and assume, that grammar isn’t really important. 
  • Other people think that grammar is only important when it comes to writing and speaking. 

The truth is, on the CELBAN, your knowledge of grammar, intent, culture and communication breakdowns is integrated into the entire exam.

So, if the fill-in-the-blanks portion is difficult for you, your result is telling you that you have to develop your skills more fully when it comes to:

  1. grammar,
  2. intent,
  3. Canadian culture, and/or
  4. communication breakdowns. 

That is why, focusing on grammar helps you to increase your score in reading, speaking and writing. 

That is what makes CELBANPrep online material so effective. The online CELBAN courses, online CELBAN classes and CELBAN material teaches you transferable skills that not only increase your score in one area on the CELBAN but accentuate the degree of success you can achieve in life, in Canada. 

That is why the grammar series is a great starting point. It will help you obtain substantial improvements on the exam: not only the fill-in-the blanks task of the CELBAN but so much more.

NOTE: When you take the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials courses, there are two parts:

  1. CELBANPrep Publishing: Available through Amazon, you can purchase the workbooks individually. They are available internationally through Amazon’s 10 national sites.
  2. CELBANPrep University: The learning and teaching videos that accompany the workbooks are available through the CELBANPrep Website.

Why wait? Start with the Grammar Essentials series now, and see how much your knowledge of the English language grows.


Save time and Money. Explore CELBANPrep University. 

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