How many words we have to write in incident report?

Hello Kim! I am going to post my assignments as soon as possible… Anyway, I enjoy studying your lessons and new vocabulary and collocations. I have some questions. How do you think, approximately how many words we have to write in incident report? Is it OK to write abbreviations and short sentenses (like “Doctor notified.”) on writing exam? If yes, it is so different what I was taught about TOEFL`s and IELTS`s writing.

Dear T,

I am glad that you are still able to study, and are finding time for the assignments.

As for the number of words, I do not know. What I do know it that it is important to make sure that what you wrote is perfect; taking time to edit and correct is vital. So it is more important to write a report with time to edit and correct then it is to worry about length. time is short, amazingly short. So learning how to organize your thoughts, and put them down on paper is important. That is why I have created the CELBANPrep Writing lessons as I have.

Yes short sentences, standard abbreviations, sentences with action verbs: all are acceptable. I know, it is not what is taught in regular English classes. But remember, there are many different forms of writing: each being very different. For example writing a haiku is different from writing a play, writing a letter to your family is different from writing a business letter or cover letter.

If you check the links to the medical documents, or check out the titles on IEPC Press, you will see that what I am teaching is based on medical documentation standards. When you read the assignments I have marked and commented on, you will see what I am teaching is completely consistent.

Do what you can when you can. I am here as support, not to add stress!


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