I find your offers so very expensive.


I find your offers so very expensive.

Dear N,
I am sorry to hear that you find it expensive. Based on all of the research I have done I have the lowest prices with the most resources to offer. Most of our clients admit, once they have begin the speaking and writing lessons, that they are getting more than they expected.
I hope you find something more affordable. Good Luck on your exam.



Dear Kim,

  Good to hear from you.
 As much as I undestand you are the inventor of CELBAN–congratulation.
Therefore, I was hoping that you would offer the material for less … I have registered for CELBAN which will take place here in BC and I can’t say that I am finding any appropriate preparation for it, but only following the CELBAN material.
 By purchasing the course; for example, prep course bundle,
do you give a 100% guaranty that people will succeed at the exam?
Thank you for your time, I appriciate it,Kim!
Dear N,
Yes, I am the creator of CELBANPrep. After 4 years of schooling at the graduate level I earned an M.Ed. Having worked in career development, I learned of the need for resources to help IENs prepare for the CELBAN; I could find none for my clients. I started teaching a CELBANPrep lessons, and teaching a class, but I knew there were IENs across Canada preparing for this exam so I began to teach on-line.

CELBANPrep is now in it’s fourth year, fourth version. Each version I perfect the resources based on feedback, success, and how closely my resources mimic the actual exam.

All of the people who have taken CELBANPrep Speaking and Writing, with a starting CLB of 6, having worked daily for a minimum of 30 minutes a day on each skill, posting assignments, and integrating feedback have passed the exam. As such the guarantee of passing the exam can not be made as passing is based on the skill and knowledge and effort of the individual. I have met many who have this type of dedication and diligence, and others who can not manage their time to be able to do so. I have also met a few who need to work on learning English before even attempting the exam. As with the Canadian experience, it is all up to choice and individual circumstance.

Considering there is an organization with a CELBAN Preparation course for $1500 in B.C, CELBANPrep is very affordable. What you are paying for is not just the lessons, but the personal interactions with me. For each writing lesson, for instance, there is an assignment. People are encouraged to post as many assignments as they can/want, within reason. Some post one, others two or three a week. Regardless I edit each one, identifying the weaknesses so that they can be turned into strengths. Each post is reviewed several times: sometimes twice, other times up to seven times. It depends on the person. But, it is important to recognize I do not teach English, CELBANPrep is an exam preparation resource.

It is up to you: how much value do you place on yourself? How much do you place on your career? How much do you want to be a nurse in Canada? Most IENs fail the CELBAN without preparation. Those that pass the exam early, are one step closer to an increase in their wages.

So, N, are you worth it? Is your future worth an investment? Mind you, if the exam you have registered for is less than 8 weeks away, save your money. You will not be able to complete CELBANPrep Writing. CELBANPrep Speaking, on the other hand is only 4 weeks long.



Dear Kim,

   Thank you for your longish letter. I appreciate your time and the dedication that comes across.
   CELBAN is much more affordable than what is out there. I have not found anything out there that prepares you for CELBAN. In my understanding someone who wants to take CELBAN has no other option, but to purchase your “teaching package.”
    Generally, if you want to learn; for example, another language you can go to a library and find a great deal of books  about the particular topic. But nothing about CELBAN.
   Dedication and diligence is one thing, but affordability is something completely different.


Dear N ,
You are welcome.It is unfortunate that so few resources are available. At this time I am looking into making resources available at the library, as this is my first stop too. (I love libraries.) I learned about the process last week, and I completed the application yesterday. I have no idea how long the process will take, and I will have to create new resources to fit the formats that are acceptable. Everything takes time to create.  It will probably take a year to get CELBANPrep resources available at libraries, if I qualify. Another factor is whether or not libraries will buy them. But at the same time, all I can make available are resources; my time for teaching will always come with a price and it is the teaching and personalized feedback that has created the successes. If I travel to teach, the price will also have to cover transportation and accommodations. If I teach in classrooms, the price will increase to cover the rent. Being on-line decreases all of these costs and therefore the price, which is why CELBANPrep is more affordable than any other options I have found.

It is an interesting thing, to meet so many people who expect me to work for so little. I get these comments all the time. I would never expect for you, who have invested so much in becoming a nurse to work for free, so why do others expect that?

Why are there so many resources for the TOEFL and IELTS and none for the CELBAN, because no body else cares.
No body else is willing to put in the time, energy and investments into creating something unless they can make millions of dollars from it. The only reason why someone would do this is not for the money but because they care. I care. I care about how immigrants are treated. I care about how hard it is to become a professional in Canada. I care about family members back home, in more impoverished or oppressed conditions than in Canada. My goal is to support Internationally Educated Nurses to increase their income so that they can send more money back home to help their families. I acknowledge that to do so requires an investment in their personal future.
Simply stated, CELBANPrep as it is now, and can be in the future will not exist if I am forced, by people who are unwilling to pay for the resources, to close the business. What exists now is as a result of people who have come before you, who have been willing to invest in their futures, and thus invest in CELBANPrep. It is because of them that I am even able to send this e-mail.
As I said, N, I am sorry to hear that you find it expensive. I am sorry that you are not getting paid what you are worth. I am sorry that you could not become a nurse immediately upon landing. I am sorry that you have been treated so poorly, and hopes have been replaced with disillusionment. I am sorry that you are not making enough money to make this affordable. I hope that things change, or that you find something more affordable. Good Luck on your exam.


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