♥ Since August the IELTS and CELBAN scores were increased I am more pessimistic

Hi..Kim….First of all I would like to thank you for your wonderful Celban prep online program. I know you will be able to help me in fulfilling my dream as a nurse here i Canada.
I am a Filipino, a landed immigrant since January of this year, I have tried IELTS here in SFU twice but my total band score was only 6.5. My last IELTs exam was last July..if it was not for my result in reading which is 5.5, I had already been accepted..because CRNBC requires no score below 6… But since August the ielts and celban score were increased and this have made me more pessimistic in passing these exams.
My weaknesses is mostly in listening and reading. I took Ielts even before when I was working in Saudi Arabia my listening had never gave me higher than 6 and my reading was consistent in 5.5.
Now I wanna give Celban a try, but I am worried with the listening in celban because I understand that the score for listening in celban was increase to 9. Does this mean a perfect score?
By the way Miss Kim, I am going to be funded by the government  through skills connect, my question is if  subscribe on your program how can you provide me a receipt of payment so I could reimburse the money from the government.?..
I worked in Saudi for 16 yrs. as an ER nurse in Military hospital. My wife is also a nurse and she worked there as well and She too had failed the ielts several times, so she gave up as well..she is now working here in Vancouver in customer service field..
I hope you could help me and again thank you so much…
Respectfully yours, A.
Dear A,

I am so glad to hear from you, but also sad to hear the news of disappointment and disillusion your wife has faced. Does she still have a chance of being a nurse, or has she taken the maximum number of exams?

Before I begin I want to congratulate you: you are here! and you have made it through a horrible winter (although it is nicer there than here.) I can understand your concern about the exams. My daughter wants to get into art school next year and she is already stressed about it: the school year has only begin! But please, do not give up hope. I always say two things:

  1. If what you are doing is not getting you where you want to go, change what you are doing to get there!
  2. Be gentle with yourself: allow time, allow learning.

You are a very smart person, who is so filled with courage. I am certain there have been many times you have felt discouraged yet you were able to live through it and endure. Yes, the scores are increasing, but so has your knowledge for the need for help. Now you are not alone. A 10 for listening does mean a perfect score, however, the CELBANPrep Listening Study Guide gives great resources for you to use to improve your listening skills. I have also created some practice exams to help you increase your confidence.

What a blessing to be in BC and to have such funding! There are many methods of payment for CELBANPrep resources, and for all of them you receive a receipt, whether it be: by pay pal or through Amazon. Payments through Money Orders and Online Interac also get receipts. However, having worked for an organization where we reimbursed people for courses you will have to check to see if CELBANPrep qualifies as not all programs receive reimbursement, and it is better to know that earlier than later.

You know, A, I appreciate you sharing your frustrations and fears. Know that they are common, and have been in the heart of every IEN I have met which is why the moment of becoming a nurse in Canada is so sweet not only for them but also for me!

Keep in touch, ask what you may, write when you can!


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