Am interested to enroll in your school.

Hi Kim,

I am an IEN planning to apply for an assessment on norquest on their LPN program for IEN.
For the requirement for CELBAN is overall band of 8 and listening no lower than 8.Β  My question is how to compute for the overall band, is it the same computation with IELTS.Β  Am interested to enroll in your school.

Thanks so much R.

Dear R ,

Welcome! It is great that you are applying to Norquest for the LPN program. Have you read some of the entries on Dear Kim about being an LPN?
The score for the CELBAN is quite high, but is actually lower than what is required for an RN.

No I am not aware of how they calculate the overall band score. This is a calculation that is not made by CELBAN but by Norquest. My guess is that the average the scores (adding reading, writing, listening and speaking and dividing by four.) The exception stated is that even if you have an overall of 8, but listening is a 7 or lower it is not acceptable. You would need to have a minimum of an 8 for listening.

Have you accessed the following:

  • Reading and Listening Practice Exams
  • Speaking and Writing Study Guides

from the How to Prepare for the CELBAN: Study Guides and Practice Exams?

If you have you already understand how CELBANPrep works. The difference for writing and speaking is the addition of having you post assignments, much like writing an e-mail, and me providing personalized feedback to help you to increase your score.

I am glad that you appreciate the value of what I have been created for CELBANPrep. I look forward to helping you to reach your goals. However, CELBANPrep is all on-line. There is no actual school: this allows for increased flexibility of studying while living a busy life; and this allows for lower fees for CELBANPrep resources, as the fees do not include overhead for classroom space. This is very important to me. Please see Where are CELBAN classes.

Regardless, please feel free to contact me, via e-mail, whenever you have questions or a need!


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